Water Safety For Life

It’s summertime and as we are all dreaming about spending our days at our amazing South Australian beaches, rivers and pools we need to also think about whether our children are equipped to respond in a water emergency.

Last year 276 people drowned in aquatic locations
A 10% increase on 2017/2018

From accidental risk at pool parties to the flooding of waterways, learning to swim is a crucial safety skill and opens the door for enjoyment and fun in many forms of aquatic recreations.

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre believe building courage and confidence in children allows them to trust themselves, to let go and to take control of their own survival in the water. Learning needs to be a fun experience, and children need to feel comfortable and relaxed to enable learning to occur and this is the exact environment Blue Dolphin Swim Centre aim to emulate. Ultimately exploration through trial and error and perseverance builds resilience in a fun and safe environment.

Tips to get you through;

· Talk to your children about water safety, bath time is the perfect time for this conversation
· Adult Supervision is vital, know who is supervising your child, eliminate distractions, keep within arms reach and be prepared with all your belongings
· Ensure you have your pool area secured by regulation fencing and remove items children can use to climb
· Have an Emergency Plan and discuss it with your family, consider investing in CPR training
· Reduce the Risk, invest in formal swimming lessons

Swimming is a life skill and any drowning death is one too many.
Blue Dolphin Swim Centre place great emphasis on how important a life skill it is for people of all ages to be able to swim.
If you didn’t learn as a kid, it’s never too late.

For more information on water safety or to enrol your child in swimming lessons head to :


5 Glory Court
Happy Valley
South Australia, 5159
8322 6566

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