Try a little TREETOP Therapy at TreeClimb

We all want to teach our children the resilience to overcome challenges, as well as the perseverance to keep giving something a go and working towards a goal to achieve it, but opportunities to do so... don’t grow on trees. But at TreeClimb, they’re built into them!

We all want to teach our children the resilience to overcome challenges, as well as the perseverance to keep giving something a go and working towards a goal to achieve it, but opportunities to do so… don’t grow on trees.

But it just so happens, sometimes they’re built into them!

Life lessons at 40 feet

In the heart of the South Park Lands, about 12 metres into the treetops, where the dappled sunlight peeks through the towering Blue Gums, might not be where you’d expect to find the next life lesson for your kiddo… but that’s exactly where Stephanie Malan found it when she started taking her 8-year-old son, Edward, along with his 5-year-old sister, Claire, to Adelaide’s inner city aerial adventure park, TreeClimb.

“Edward has always had an issue with his core strength and gross motor skills,” says Stephanie, “finding an activity that he will happily do, and feel confident about, has always been a struggle, but TreeClimb is now his absolute favourite. It challenges him physically and mentally, but in a fun way. He leaves feeling like he has accomplished something”.

TreeClimb Adelaide

Good times and (very)high fives at TreeClimb

There’s certainly no shortage of good times and (very)high fives at TreeClimb, but what kids can take from the experience goes further than aerial adrenalin and treetop thrill-seeking.

“We’ve visited TreeClimb about 5 times thus far, and each time we’ve gone, the kids have become so much more confident,” says Stephanie. “Claire admittedly screamed like a banshee the first time we went, but the crew coached her through the course and she left happy. The next time we went, she nailed it completely independently and you could not have wiped the smile of pride from her face”.

TreeClimb Adelaide

Fun-filled, screen free, outdoor adventure

As a family day out, TreeClimb ticks all the boxes; it’s a fun-filled, screen-free, outdoor adventure that every member of the family can get involved in; but it also offers an alternative form of activity for kids who don’t naturally gravitate to traditional competitive sports.

“Like all parents, you want your kids outside enjoying nature and being active,” says KIDDO’s own Liv Williams, who has also seen the benefit of TreeClimb for her 8-year-old son, Henry. “TreeClimb has absolutely been that place for us, where Henry, who isn’t naturally that drawn to team sports, is able to use his body, engage his core strength, challenge his dexterity and develop his motor skills… but all outside the context of the high-pressure environment that can sometimes exist on the sporting field and just doesn’t suit the temperament of every child”.

Step outside your comfort zone

With more than 70 obstacles and 10 ziplines over the 7 courses, which get progressively more challenging, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and stepping outside your comfort zone at TreeClimb, for both kids and adults alike, and the crew are highly trained to support and guide climbers through the courses (and bail you out if you get stuck!).

TreeClimb Adelaide

“Climb-out” for parents!

And, let’s be honest, sometimes you might just want your kids to take to the ropes and give you a little “climb-out”; well we can confirm the cafe at TreeClimb serves a top-notch coffee and a decent selection of snacks, which you can enjoy in the TreeClimb eco hut, under the alfresco umbrellas, or in the shade of the trees while you catch the view from below!

Sounds TREEmendous!

Benefits of TreeClimb

  • Perserverance
  • Resilience
  • Confidence building
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Balance and coordination

TreeClimb Adelaide

What about a Christmas TreeClimb?

You can buy TreeClimb gift card online in 3 minutes; they last 3 years and the memories last a lifetime!

Park 20, Cnr. Greenhill and Unley Road, Kurangga Park, Adelaide City Park Lands

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TreeClimb Adelaide

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