Top Pram friendly walks in Adelaide metro

We've compiled a list of some of Adelaide's best pram friendly walks (think bitumen, and predominantly flat) within the confines of Adelaide metropolitan area. 

A message to all mums with babies young enough to sit, strapped in a pram, happily watching the world go by: take those babies for walks while you still can!! Because before too long, your baby is going to develop an independent streak that is going to mean he or she is going to want to walk EVERYWHERE.

Very. Slowly.

Let’s just say you’re not going to be breaking any land speed records. You might make 100m in 90 minutes. Your baby will have put four seed pods in its mouth and tried to personally inspect every rock and chewed piece of gum they come across. This exploration is awesome, so important for the development of their curious little minds (and immunity!!), but also… can be tedious!

So we’ve compiled a list of some of Adelaide’s best pram friendly walking tracks (which means, bitumen, and predominantly flat…ain’t nobody got time for pushing prams up bumpy gravelly hills right now) within the confines of the Adelaide metropolitan area.  These trails are perfect for you to get out and about on while your baby is a precious little newborn blob, happy to while away an hour or so motoring along in the safe confines of the pram while you both get some fresh air, you get a leg stretch, and, let’s be honest probably drink a much needed coffee.

Adelaide parklands trail

parklands trail

Adelaide plays host to a series of pram friendly connected walking and cycling trails, looping around the city and through the Adelaide parklands. Separated by the River Torrens, both the Northern and Southern loops will wind you around lush parks and activity hubs.

The full Adelaide Parklands trail circuit is a 19.5km loop and pathways are shared by pedestrians and cyclists.

For more information and maps:

River Torrens Linear Trail

river torrens linear trail

Following 30km of the Torrens River, the Linear Trail is an oasis in the city and suburbs.

At least one side of the river is always a compacted surface (i.e. pram friendly), with connecting bridges throughout, however be warned that some sections do have steep inclines.

For more information and maps:

Mike Turtur Bikeway

mike tutur bikeway

The Mike Turtur Bikeway follows the Glenelg tramline from South Terrace, Adelaide to Glenelg and runs along the tramline which is great for little lovers of the rails. You might even like to walk part of one way and catch the tram home!

The trail is a pram friendly shared use trail, for cyclists and walkers, surfaced with bitumen, and both wide and flat. Easily accessed along its entire length, with some sculptures and art installations along the way, it can however, get a bit busy with commuters in peak hours.

For more information and maps:

Mawson Lakes Circuit

mawson lakes walk

The Mawson lakeside walk is a pretty, short and easy 2.6km circuit, ideal for pram walking. Starting at the Promenade on Mawson Lakes Boulevard, and following the boardwalk to the footbridge, the walking trail is lush and scenic, and you might even catch the model boats take to the lake over the weekend.

There are coffee shops along the Promenade so this ticks all the boxes for parents taking some time out to walk, talk and most importantly, caffeinate!

For more information and maps:

Inner Harbour Loop Port Adelaide

port adelaide path

Also known as the Anna Rennie path, the inner harbour loop is a shared-use walking and cycling, pram friendly circuit and provides a 3.5km route around Port Adelaide’s Inner Harbour and Port River, taking in history and playgrounds.

This is really a great walking spot, with a mix of significant historical and maritime landmarks, modern street art, markets and maybe even a dolphin sighting if you’re lucky!

For more information:

Sturt River Linear Park – South Road to Anzac Highway

sturt river linear trail

The Sturt River Linear Park is a pram friendly shared use trail of about 5km.

Meandering along the Sturt River, you’ll pass historic buildings, significant fauna and environmental sites, as well as important local features, including former market gardens, Kaurna people campsites and an ancient burial ground of the Kaurna people, ending at the Warriparinga Wetland.

For more information and maps:\

Coast to vines rail trail including the Shiraz Trail

coast to vines trail

This 32km trail follows an old railway corridor. Beginning at the train station at Marino Rocks, and winding around magnificent coastal cliffs, the path is a shared use trail suitable for pram walking.

The Shiraz Trail, the section from McLaren Vale to Willunga, is flatter and more scenic, taking in wineries and vineyards, than the northern section fo the Coast to Vines Trail which goes through suburbs.

Walk options:

  • Full Coast to Vines Trail, 35km
  • Shiraz Trail, from McLaren Vale to Willunga, 14km return

For more information and maps:

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