The Sky’s the Limit

Test your nerve on the ‘Crows Nest’ at Australia’s tallest aerial park in West Beach

Warning Kiddos, this is not for the faint hearted, but if you’re up for a challenge the sky’s your limit at Mega Adventure! Australia’s first aerial park has opened its new attraction Crows Nest. The 30 metre, near vertical climb makes it the tallest adventure activity in Australia and perfect for families looking for a fun and interactive activity to tackle over the holiday period.

The Crows Nest is the perfect challenge for anyone who has conquered the current Mega Adventure structure, SkyChallenge, or for someone looking to test their courage and resolve.

Alex Blyth, CEO of the MegaAdventure Group said he was delighted to be releasing this new Mega challenge in time for the New Year.

“This is the ultimate New Year’s Resolution. I think challenging yourself and overcoming your fears at the start of 2018 is the perfect way to set the tone on a fabulous year ahead,’ he said.

Drawing inspiration from Adelaide’s rich shipping history, Mr Blyth went on to say that the attraction was named after the Crows Nest on the Clipper, the ship which transported 889 immigrants to Port Adelaide between 1864 and 1887.

“The Clipper made 23 return voyages between London and Adelaide and was one of the fastest ships at the time. Our Crows Nest attraction is exactly the same height as the one on the ship. From our structure, you will be able to see the Adelaide Hills, the CBD, Glenelg and the West Beach shoreline and even as far as Kangaroo Island, on a clear day,” he said.

All ages are welcome on the MegaAdventure structure which boasts more than 80 crossings, a free fall jump and now the Crows Nest climb. Recently celebrating its second year anniversary, the adventure park will open up an additional 8 crossings on level 4 as part of the Crows Nest Activity. Since launch thousands of locals and tourists alike have challenged themselves on the structure which calls Adelaide home.

The MegaAdventure team will be on the ground and in the air to help kiddos and families alike experience the ultimate adventure this summer in a safe, but challenging environment. The park is open every day over summer between 11am-6pm and is located within Adelaide Shores on the corner of Military Road and Hamra Avenue in West Beach.

For more information on height and weight visit Mega Adventure

Facebook: @megaadventureAU
Instagram: @megaadventureaustralia
Tel: 1300 634 269 or Email:
Address: 4 Hamra Avenue, Adelaide Shores, West Beach SA, 5024


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