The Cabaret Festival: KIDDO TOP PICKS

KIDDO TOP PICKS FOR CAB FEST: We've scoured the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program back to front and come up with our KIDDO Top Picks for Cab Fest to take the hard work out of having a night out! All you need to do is add to cart, rope in a friend or two, and get out on the town! 

Parents, you need a night out.

In fact, let’s be real here, you probably need several.

There’s no doubt about it, we’re so lucky in Adelaide to have so many events, festivals and shows that we can take our kiddos along to, but sometimes… you just don’t want to! You want to book a babysitter, slide into a pair of heels, slick on some red lippy and get out of the house (and the bedtime routine) for the night. With the husband, with the girls… with somebody (anybody!!) who isn’t going to tell you they’re thirsty or need to go to the toilet 7 minutes after you’re out the door.

Well you’re in luck friends, because come this June, Adelaide is going to be awash with a PLETHORA of entertainment for late night, date night, girls night, for just get out of the house and away from the kids night.. in the form of The Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

We’ve scoured the program back to front and come up with our KIDDO Top Picks for Cab Fest to take the hard work out of having a night out! All you need to do is add to cart, rope in a friend or two, and get out on the town!

Kiddo’s Top 6 Picks for Cab Fest

Hear Me Roar

This is the girl power night you NEED to have with your besties. Warm up your pipes because you’re going to want to sing along ladies.

Show synopsis:

A celebration of strong Australian female voices, Tania Doko, Emma Pask and Prinnie Stevens will pay tribute to some of history’s greatest female artists in Hear Me Roar – Unplugged, an Adelaide exclusive on the last weekend of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

For tickets:

Young Talent Time

This is the nostalgic variety event you never knew you always wanted! Nay, NEEDED! Come on now folks, most of us parentals grew up in the Young Talent Time era, this is our time to shine! Held at the Festival Theatre this is one for date night or better yet, girls night – because at least one of you wanted to marry Joey Dee when you were little…(or was that just me?).

Show synopsis:

In a nod to nostalgia, Young Talent Time 50th Anniversary Reunion Special will make its world premiere at Adelaide Cabaret Festival in the Festival Theatre on Saturday, 19 June with Johnny Young himself hosting the show. 2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first ever performances of the hit Aussie TV show that made household names out of dozens of young artists. Alumni including Beven Addinsall, Karen Knowles, Jane Scali, Philip Gould, Steven Zammit, Joey Dee and Greg Poynton will grace the stage and relive the magic of YTT for one night only.

For tickets:

#VAL: A Campfire Kiki with Mother

This is our pick for Best Mother’s Day Gift idea! A joyful, colourful show that celebrates mothers – with lots of classic pop and disco hits, and really lovely story telling by John O’Hara. Count us in!

Show synopsis:

An honest and heartbreaking homage to the mothers and ‘mothers’ of our queer community, #VAL is a celebration of joy, love and acceptance that will leave a speck of glitter in your undies! Set to the gorgeous, guilty-pleasure soundtrack of John’s sexual awakening, #VAL is the ultimate mixtape of camp pop anthems, impossibly cool classics and outrageous power ballads. A riotous and naughty evening not to be missed.

For tickets:

The Blind Date Project

Grab your men-folk ladies, here’s one for date night! Intimate but relaxed, funny and touching, and oh so flirtatious. Add into the mix the thrill of not knowing who the guest will be – past guests have included Margot Robbie, Joel Edgerton, Laverne Cox – that’s some star power right there!

Show synopsis:

Desperate and looking for love, Anna (AFI award-winner, Bojana Novakovic) is a woman at a karaoke bar waiting for a date she matched with online. Each night, her date is a different guest performer, unknown to her until the moment of performance. There is no script. All dialogue is created on the spot by the performers. Directions are sent by the director, via phone. This is an untethered night of theatre where anything can—and does—happen. No two shows are ever the same.

For tickets:


Grab your bosom buddies ladies, Boobs is the break-through show for you and your besties! Selena is a beautiful performer, funny, honest and has an incredible and unusual story!

Show synopsis:

Award-winning cabaret artist Selina Jenkins will present her show, BOOBS in Adelaide for the first time. The ground-breaking tale of mammary proportions follows one woman and her two boobs through a life changing decision, a million opinions, a natural disaster and an ‘Australian first’.

Quote from Alan Cumming: Selina Jenkins’ BOOBS pushes the boundaries of what cabaret can be – looking at a devastating life happening with humour and insight.

For tickets:

 And if you’re up for something WILD!

Brent Ray Fraser – The Naked Artist

GROWN UPS ONLY! Brilliant, hilarious, might just make you blush a little (or even a lot). Let’s just say, this is something worth leaving the house for! From beginning to happy ending, follow along as Fraser confidently creates a gallery of mesmerising paintings created with his penis, including unbelievable live muse portraits that showcase his world-renowned painting methods.

Show synopsis:

Having mastered his provocative penis painting skills over a decade, painter and performance artist Brent Ray Fraser presents a truly unique and intimate live art experience, bringing his world-famous brush to Adelaide for a BIG debut! Feel the fun, creative energy as Fraser applies paint to his naked body and strokes the canvas in a highly physical painting performance like no other—all set to a soundtrack of classical and disco favourites.

For tickets:

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