Room For Life

Whether you’re looking for your first home, family home or forever home, there’s room for your vision in the Adelaide Hills.

Raising a family with plenty of room for your little people to play outdoors, explore creeks and climb trees is the dream. To help make this dream a reality, Newenham have created a community- minded neighbourhood, giving you room to grow and offering your family the future you’ve always wanted.

Bigger blocks and beautiful surroundings are just the beginning of your life at Newenham, where an active lifestyle and a sense of wellbeing is perfectly blended with space to relax and enjoy the moments in life that matter most.

Right at your fingertips, the fresh, clean air; tranquil creek; and new Linear Park trail will be a dream come true, with the future farm, cafe and retail precinct promising a truly special lifestyle.

The Linear Park trail takes in the beautiful, natural environment of Newenham, while providing a leisurely two-kilometre walk, ride or run into the retail and dining heart of Mount Barker. The kiddos will be able to discover the natural wonders surrounding them in an environment built to foster creativity and ignite imaginations, with the bio-diversity corridor, native vegetation, wetlands and a viewing platform creating an enchanting experience for the whole family to explore together.

The future King’s Baptist Grammar School’s second campus will allow you to wave goodbye to the kids from your doorstep as they walk or pedal safely off to school.

If you now find yourself dreaming about the bigger blocks; wide, landscaped streets; and enriched lifestyle that comes from living at Newenham, then look further. They have recently announced their second major land release – The Homestead Release – with magnificent allotments available ranging from 600-950sqm. There’s plenty of room for your family to grow, explore and live the life you’ve always dreamed of at Newenham.

Our Story: Ben and Robyn

The larger blocks and open spaces were important to us, with everything we need included in the masterplan. It’s relaxed, like country living should be, but still close to everything we need and the trail allows our whole family to safely access Mt Barker and the Laratinga Wetlands on the same path weaving through Newenham.

With a lot of new families moving in, the community vibe is so valuable. The kids are regularly out playing together in the street, reminding us of when we were kids. They have already made close friendships with neighbouring families and we feel safe letting them walk to their houses.

Personally, for us, we are so happy that Newenham has given our children plenty of room to run around and just be kids.
We love it here.

Mayor Ann Ferguson officially opened the Linear Park trail in December 2019.

Discover Newenham’s land for sale and display homes by visiting their Sales and Information Centre:
164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barke
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