Review: Frozen 2

By Kate Younie 

The long (long) wait is over. The cinema is dotted with blue sparkles, long plaits and anticipation. My Miss Grace is a little to old (apparently) for the dressing up (well in public anyway), but is still excited to know what Anna and Elsa are up to in the magical world of Arendelle. And what song she can sing over (and over) for the next few years.

The plot at first seems simple. The town of Arendelle is lost of its water, fire and wind. Elsa is called to the mysterious enchanted forest; a place her father forbid her to go as a child. The pull is strong; Elsa believes the answers to saving her village are there. Elsa and the trusty gang of Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven the reindeer travel into the mist-filled woods. Their journey is adventure packed and action filled. Elsa’s powers grow as she learns about her family’s past; the sisters learn what truly led to their parents demise.

Then the sequel gets a little more complex than the original, and a bit darker. There are questions that don’t get answered but sometimes that’s not the point right? It’s magic RIGHT? And the music helps to explain the tricky bits. And the sad bits.

But the ending is superb; full of colour, hope and happiness – it has all the feels of the original. Elsa proves again to be super brave and heroine like, and there is no doubting the girl has style. Like lots of style. Olaf is again his magnificent mischievous self. He gets the most laughs. Kristoff still loves Anna. And it is destined that they will all live happily ever after.

At the end, all the little Anna and Elsas in the audience clapped and cheered, sighing in relief that all is well. My Miss Grace was happy and humming out of the cinema, all inspired by Queen Elsa. And now waiting (and waiting) in anticipation for the next movie.

Film: Frozen 2
Rating: PG
Run Time: 103 Minutes
Showing: Palace Nova Cinemas, Prospect and Eastend

Kate Younie

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