Preparing bub for daylight saving time | A 6 day plan to start TODAY

There's nothing like daylight savings to throw the routine you have been working so hard on out of whack! We asked child and infant sleep training specialist Kristy from The Sleep Teacher to share her 6 day plan to successfully transitioning your bub or kiddo into daylight saving time without the fuss!

WORDS: Kristy Griffiths

Are you ready for daylight savings?!

There is nothing like daylight savings to throw the routine you have been working so hard on out of whack!

But we have your back, we have a slow transitional plan that you can implement over the week leading to daylight savings.

Be ready to peacefully change your little one’s internal clock by 1 hour in preparation for our clocks moving forward with our 6 day plan below.

Over the course over 6 days you are slowly going to adjust your little one’s biological clock. How do we do this?! Simple, you will need to start waking your little one up 10 minutes earlier each day for 6 days. Yes, you read that correctly!

On day 1, gently wake your little one up 10 minutes earlier than their usual wake up time. Then day 2, 20 minutes earlier.

Your 6 day daylight saving transition plan

Monday: Your baby wakes at their normal time of let’s say, 7am

Tuesday: Wake them at 6.50am

Wednesday: Wake them at 6.40am

Thursday: Wake them at 6.30am

Friday: Wake them at 6.20am

Saturday: Wake them at 6.10am

Sunday: New awake time will be 7am daylight savings time.

Be consistent

It is important to move meals and naps and not just their wake up and bedtime as meals and naps go a long way in locking into place our biological clock. By shifting all things at once you will avoid confusing your babies’ biological clock with what is actually happening externally. This is also the perfect time to invest in some awesome black out blinds to help convince your baby that it is in fact bedtime and not time to party!

As an alternative to this, you can 100% just wait until the day and take things as they come. In our experience you will eventually find your new groove and things will fall back into place.

Regardless of which option you choose, the most important thing to do is ensure your little one doesn’t become overtired so keep an eye on their awake windows.

Are you going to “wing it” on the day or are you going to try and gradually adjust?

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