Plate up these School Holidays with Scoffed School Holiday Cooking Classes

Whether you have a master chef wannabe in your house or your little one simply loves to bake and create, Scoffed school holiday kids cooking classes are a great way for your kids to spend some time learning a new skill, making plates (and mates)… and staying off the screen!
Scoffed school holiday classes

The team from Scoffed will show your kiddos how much fun cooking can be with their hands-on classes, and the best bit, the kids get to scoff it all when they’re done.

These Easter holidays you can give the kids the opportunity to be as proud as punch when they learn how to cook something different every day at Scoffed, or you can even get the whole fam involved by booking into family classes where the whole crew gets to cook!

April Scoffed School Holiday Program

This April, Scoffed’s school holiday program starts Tuesday 19 April and runs until Saturday April 30.

Kids will make different dishes every day and there are classes for all ages and abilities starting from age 5+.

  • Age 5+ 90 minute classes
  • Age 8+ or 12+ 2 hour classes
  • Age 9+ or 12+ 3 hour classes

Classes available:

  • Food Chief Master classes (age 8+ or 12+): challenge the kids a little bit more to create dishes that are a bit more complex e.g. pastry or pasta from scratch.
  • Food Saucerer classes (age 9+ or 12+): kids create aspirational Master Chef style dishes that parents will want to recreate next time they’re looking to impress at a dinner party!  Think Sydney’s famous Strawberry Watermelon cake, croquembouche etc. Savoury master classes are also available.
  • Food Chief Entree classes (age 5+) allow the kids to create simple savoury or sweet dishes from different countries.

Kids work in small groups and share tasks to deliver a recipe under the instruction of a professional chef, learning about flavours and ingredients as well as cooking terms and techniques. Each child creates their own master piece and eats or takes home what they make.

Scoffed also runs theme days in the holidays where kids can dress up and make themed sweet desserts in their favourite characters to win prizes. This holidays will include Harry potter and Star Wars days!

Tickets start from $39, and classes run every day during school holidays.

For more information or to book:

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