Celebrate the magic of Christmas at the Norwood Christmas Pageant

The enchanting spirit of Christmas is set to sweep through the streets of Norwood as the Norwood Christmas Pageant returns on Saturday, November 18th.

The Norwood Christmas Pageant is an iconic event that has become a cherished tradition, marking the official start of the festive season for the local community.

A community extravaganza

The Norwood Christmas Pageant, held annually in November, is a testament to the vibrant community spirit that defines this part of Adelaide. Organised for the pure enjoyment of the community, it has earned its reputation as one of Adelaide’s most beloved and authentic community pageants. Families, friends, and neighbours come together to celebrate the joy of Christmas in a festive atmosphere that is uniquely Norwood.

The Parade comes alive

The heart of Norwood, The Parade, will burst into life with a kaleidoscope of colors, music, and entertainment. The pageant promises lively floats, music, entertainment, clowns, dancers, fairies, and more. As the procession winds its way from Woods Street to Queen Street, the streets will be lined with eager crowds, eagerly anticipating the magic unfolding before their eyes.

Get creative with chalk

The excitement begins early in the morning, and kids are encouraged to bring their chalk to join in the festive fun. Transforming the streets into a canvas of Christmas joy, children can create colorful drawings that add an extra layer of magic to the pageant.

Beyond the Pageant

The Christmas spirit doesn’t end with the pageant; there are plenty of other activities to keep the festive momentum going. Prepare your best singing voices for the Twilight Carols at Linde Reserve on Saturday, December 2nd. It’s a perfect opportunity for families to come together and enjoy all your favourite Christmas tunes.

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