La La local for the long weekend with Kate Bailey

A long weekend looms! What better time to indulge in some new music and support our local artists? ABC Radio's Kate Bailey gives us her top tunes to help us strike the right note this long weekend!
Kate Bailey is a producer for Sonya Feldhoff on ABC Radio Adelaide. Music has always been a part of her life whether playing it, singing it or banging on about it, and she keeps the dream alive by introducing new music to the world every week. And all of it local! Hear the review live at 1.45pm each Tuesday on ABC Radio Adelaide, 891 AM. And tune in 1.45pm each Friday for her local (streaming) gig guide. You can also listen live via the ABC Listen APP, online or via Channel 25 on your TV. Kate is also Mum to three beautiful boys Liam, Louis and Jay who have been showered in music since birth and reminded often that it’s a universal language that binds us, revives us and inspires us. A city without a music scene is a city without a soul. Which is why now, more than ever, we need to stay connected with our local musicians and keep the creativity alive!

A long weekend looms.

What better time to indulge in some new music and support our local artists?

I’ve even created a short list to get you started.

Now admit it, at some stage you’ve told your kids to do something ‘just because’. I have too! But we’re adults, so I’ll show you some respect. You should listen to the following songs because…

…you know what it means to find your people.

As a parent you want nothing more than your children to find their people.

In my house we have a note pinned to the back of the bathroom door: Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

I love this message. And I feel like local singer songwriter MANE (aka Paige Court) has nailed this sentiment in song form. A brilliant message for all of us, and a celebration for her after a few tough years.

She has an incredibly deep resonance to her voice that seems to provide a dark energy while it simultaneously shines in this track – propelled by an anthemic, repetitive chorus that builds each and every time. The production is once again lush, baroque pop. Get into it.


…you admire music that can tell you about an emotion and make you feel it too.

Naomi Keyte has a knack for creating beautiful sonic soundscapes. Her latest
single ‘Travelling Woman’ does not buck the trend. It is truly beautiful.

Listening to it I could feel the discord of someone who bemoans the itinerant person they simultaneously love. You can hear the shift from verse to chorus. Emotionally and musically. Raw and hurting to warm and admiring.

And this was before I discovered that it tells the story of one devoted to someone perpetually on the move. I was impressed. As it speaks to the push and pull of a relationship in transition, of lingering hope and of reckoning with the unknown, it really makes you feel this tension. Close your eyes and listen closely.

…a chord-less swing band intrigues you.

Three women and three instruments (voice, bass and drums) are the key ingredients of The Boys Club and their sassy-swing-style tunes ensure the hankering for a chord is, in this case, null and void.

Their latest EP is now available and the title track, “That’s a Big Guitar”, is a tongue in cheek, call-and-response bluesy tune that lays bare the almost comical treatment the trio have had to endure during their professional careers. Check out the video they made to go with it, female performers from all over the world joined in!

… potent pop and hand claps make you smile.

In her latest single, Signals, Jess Day sings about the conflicting emotions of resenting someone who has treated you poorly yet missing them at the same time.

How many of us have been there? Lucky for Jess her tendency to write songs as a way of alleviating a low mood has resulted in another stellar tune.

This track retains many of the synths she first put down in her bedroom but has been rearranged to make it, in her words, as potent a pop song as possible. Lyrics at the fore. Hand claps included.

…you believe harmonies are up there with baby making.


Imagine sneaking in your first gig at WOMAD just before the world shuts down. This happened to Stellie. And she nailed it.

Already a fan of her work I couldn’t wait for her latest offering and it’s here. Released just last week.

Co-written with Zach Hamilton-Reeves from Northeast Party House “I’d Have Killed For You” captures the dreamy sound Stellie does so well. Given the title, it’s surprisingly chipper as well, which is a contradiction she welcomes.

Now anyone who sings knows the power of harmonies. Total soul fillers. And, at times, right up there with horizontal folk dancing. Seriously.

Stellie gets it. The key chorus vocal line in this track descends as the harmonies ascend beneath it and those harmonies are all her – they’re her favourite thing to record.

She’s one of my favourites. Her self-titled debut EP lands this August. Can’t wait!

…you love Rock and Roll and firmly believe it is here to stay.

Beau Lightning either made a big mistake or a genius decision when he decided to release a single with the same name as one the DMA’s released in 2018, In the Air. You never know, it might get him some accidental hits?

And where the DMA’s beautiful track soars, Beau Lightning’s sizzles. I like them both. They just hit me in different places.

Inspired by California daze and desert surrounding the city of sin this alt-rocker offers up all the elements desired in a rocking tune – huge vocals, wailing guitars and a big fat dose of swagger. Turn this one up. LOUD.

…aspects of Isolation have driven you crazy, and you know that laughing is the best medicine.

hilltop hoods
Hilltop hoods

Local legends The Hilltop Hoods jumped back on the scene with a surprise single “I’m Good”. Born in isolation, while they were writing their new album, this song was created to directly benefit some of those affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent tour cancellations. Proceeds will be going to Support Act’s ‘Roadies Crew Fund’.

Like many of their tracks it’s both funny and poignant in parts. It’s the first time I’ve heard 2020 described as an unshaved nether region. Perfect.

And if you can’t relate to that line (liar) then I’m sure there’s at least a line or two to which you will. Enjoy.

Please note: all these tunes are worthy of a spin.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy and support local music however you can.
Kate x

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