Kids’ cuts are a dream at Dream Cuts Kids Hair Salon

dream cuts kids hair salon
A new kids’ hair salon has officially opened at Westfield Marion and it’s a certified DREAM for kids and parents alike! That’s right, last week saw the big reveal on Adelaide’s latest and dreamiest space for kiddos to be spruced, spiked, sparkled, styled and all shmicked up and let’s just say, your kids will be on cloud 9 at Dream Cuts!

A cut above for your kiddo

From your kiddo’s very first haircut (rewarded with a dreamy custom certificate!) and beyond, the team at Dream Cuts offer fun for the kids and zero stress for mum and dad. Where do we sign up?

No more tears or tantrums, the team from Dream Cuts are parents themselves and understand the importance of trust when it comes to kiddos. All staff are fully qualified hairdressers/beauticians and, just as importantly, are kind, patient and FUN human beings who your kids will form a friendship with.

…and with ride-in cars, digital entertainment and optional yummy snacks on hand, the whole experience will be a cut above for your kiddo!

Dreamy Party Packages

As if that wasn’t enough, you can throw your kiddo the ultimate pamper party at Dream Cuts for their special day.

Treat them with a fun mani/pedi, hair braiding or styling, throw in some glitter and face paints and hey presto, you have a party that dreams are made of!

Parties are tested and approved by kids big and small and Dream Cuts will take care of all the details, while the parentals just sit back and relax.

Ahhhh, sounds like a dream.

The proof is in the pics and the smiles on those little dials; Dream Cuts gets a big KIDDO thumbs up from us!

Now can somebody pass the glitter spray…?

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