Kaboose app: You’ve got a friend in me

Kaboose App
Kaboose is the new social media app offering a safe and engaging online platform for Young Autistic People to connect with their peers through shared special interests.

Kaboose aspires to make the online world safe for everyone’s children by creating a secure place for young people to have meaningful, safe social relationships. By offering a community that can safely facilitate the building of supportive tribes, kids are able to develop relationships that are meaningful to them. 

The significance of having a robust support network shouldn’t be underestimated, with social disconnection leading to a 26% greater risk of premature mortality. With over 90% of the world’s population using social media and 75 million autistic people globally, Kaboose is committed to providing a safe social network for young people to build a supportive tribe. Through innovation, advocacy and coaching, we’re working to reduce loneliness for our young people.

Kaboose App

I see you, you see me

  • Download the Kaboose app on your mobile or tablet
  • Set up your personal account – you’ll be asked to verify your identity first
  • Build your profile, providing info about your special interests, hobbies, location and age
  • You’ll be presented with other people who match your criteria – you then have the choice to add them to your tribe
  • Get chatting!

Download the Kaboose app from Google Play or the App Store today.


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