This is easily my favourite time of year… Summer + Christmas = happiness.

I am a Christmas tragic, so I love carols (Drummer Boy is my fav), making Christmas pudding in a cloth (thank you grandma Tilley), eating Christmas pudding (with ice-cream + brandy sauce), visiting the Christmas Tree Farm, reading Christmas books to the kids and drinking Egg Nog (or Christmas milk, as the kids call it). This issue we chat to the wonderfully talented Tiff Manuell, whose art embodies this magical time of year, with bright colours and a truly happy summery vibe, we also get the low down from Rebecca Morse on what it was like letting her eldest daughter Gracie out of her sight, travelling overseas solo for the first time, plus we get the perfect Christmas day ice cream cake recipe from the talented kitchen whiz, Annabel Bower.
Enjoy your SUMMER school holidays and having the freedom to “not do anything” !
Be kind, be safe and enjoy this magical time
of the year.



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