Hiccup is set to rock Adelaide these school holidays

Get ready to embark on a wild, laughter-filled adventure this October school holidays as the hilarious musical extravaganza, Hiccup, makes its return to the Adelaide's Space Theatre.

After spreading infectious laughter and joy across the United States, the creators Jude Henshall and Ellen Steele are thrilled to bring the belly-busting fun, Hiccup, back to their hometown Adelaide.

“We’re stoked with the response to Hiccup and how audiences are getting behind the work,” says Co-creator Jude Henshall, “kids are a very tricky and honest audience. But when you manage to capture them, the theatre is totally raucous and electric, and Hiccup is the type of show that encourages a big robust response from families.”

We can’t wait to bring that energy back to Adelaide and, hopefully, find a cure for the hiccups with our hometown audiences.

Drawing inspiration from classic puppet shows such as The Muppets and The Ferals, Hiccup takes audiences on a psychedelic outback adventure. The story follows a sleep-deprived city dweller, a mischievous quokka, and a creatively innovative emu as they join forces to help a koala plagued by an incessant case of the hiccups. Through the night, this unlikely trio teams up, determined to find a cure and finally get some well-deserved rest before the sun rises.

Premiering in 2021, Hiccup was conceived by Jude Henshall and Ellen Steele as a love letter to their cherished puppetry influences. Their experiences performing for young audiences worldwide with Windmill Theatre Company played a crucial role in refining the show’s playful and vibrant spirit.

“The best type of work for young people is the stuff that speaks generationally,” says co-creator Ellen Steele, “nostalgia was something we really wanted to tap into and we thought about work that we watched as children, and all of those incredible puppet shows from the 1990’s that were so unexpected and packed with colour, surprise and cheekiness. We’ve worked hard to bring that sensibility to the work, and it’s been a heap of fun to see that translate into the live space.”

Bringing the vibrant world of Hiccup to life is the exceptional talent of Jonathon Oxlade, the award-winning designer behind renowned productions like Bluey’s Big Play, Grug, Beep, and Mort. The electrifying lighting design by Chris Petridis adds a stadium-inspired spectacle to the mix, while the original tunes composed by Ross McHenry (The Shaolin Afronauts) bring to the show toe-tapping rhythms and catchy melodies.

Hiccup is a pretty epic ride,” says Windmill Theatre Company’s Executive Director, Ross McHenry, “and the music is full of epic riffs and glittery synths that feel instantly familiar to parents but will have kids dancing in the aisles. “

The countdown to the Hiccup extravaganza is on! The show kicks off with a dedicated school’s season from September 26 to 29, followed by a series of exciting performances for the general public during the school holiday period from September 30 to October 7. With limited seats available, families are encouraged to secure their spot for a hilarious and unforgettable experience.

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