Hahndorf Farm Barn Review: A day on the farm!

The KIDDO crew took a day trip to Hahndorf Farm Barn to meet the animals and spend a day! Join us for a day at the Barn and find out what to expect if you head up the freeway with your own fam!

A day at Hahndorf Farm Barn

Here a Baaa, there an Oink, everywhere adorable animals…

A couple of weekends ago we put on our jackets, pulled on our wellies and packed the kids into the car, to head up the freeway to Hahndorf Farm Barn.

On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly farm manager in the farm house and were given a bag of carrots to feed the farm animals. And from there, the adventure began…

Inside at Hahndorf Farm Barn

The interior oozes barn yard charm, having been thoughtfully decorated with a range of eclectic, historic farm memorabilia, collected over the years, reflecting the history and farming community of Hahndorf.

Inside is also where you’ll first meet Hahndorf’s collection of scaly housemates; a large range of reptiles, including Pythons, Blue-Tongue, Shinglebacks, and Bearded Dragon lizards, as well as Painted Dragons. They live in glass enclosures but if you’re super brave you can hold the python or lizard!

In quite close proximity to the reptiles, were some gorgeous fluffy, day old chicks and eggs in an incubator.

The kids absolutely loved having a peek at the baby chicks and a cheeky cuddle, and just quietly, we were pretty sure the reptiles were eyeing off the fluffy little mites in the hopes of snack!

hahndorf farm barn

In the Barn at Hahndorf Farm Barn

We made our way into the adjoining barn which houses a range of other furry friends including a 7 day old calf, baby goats, rabbits and lambs.

This area is also set up with stadium seating for their cow milking demonstrations. The kids loved the theatre of the milking and enjoyed learning exactly where their milk comes from… not the supermarket!

Out in the paddock at Hahndorf Farm Barn

We headed outside to the picturesque paddocks, with million dollar view of the Adelaide Hills, to meet a very hefty pig named Angus, with a face that only a mother could love.

He graciously ate a handful of our carrots… and grunted with gratitude.

We then headed out into the cow paddock on the tractor ride and got the down low on Ronnie the Highland (my fav), Karate Kid the Murray Grey beef bull and a range of other beautiful Jerseys and Friesian cows from our friendly and knowledgable farm hand.

Stay for the day

There are a huge range of animals from goats, sheep, deer, donkeys, camels, kangaroos and peacocks, if it lives on a farm and smells like hay and a whiff of poop, you name it, we saw it!

We also got to experience a pony ride which was a highlight and was safely managed by their very friendly staff.

You can pack a picnic and stay all day with seating supplied as well as a playground for the kids.

All in all The Hahndorf Farm Barn is an excellent day out, with a hands on approach to learning. The animals are very well looked after, the grounds are well-maintained and the staff are passionate, friendly and experienced.

The kids loved it, as did we. KIDDO highly recommends a day at The Hahndorf Farm Barn!

Tips for a trip to Hahndorf Farm Barn:

  • Bring gum boots, it can be muddy
  • They have appropriately adapted to COVID safe procedures
  • Ages 0 – 99
  • Drinks and some snacks available
  • Pony and Tractor rides cost extra
  • Cow milking show takes place every day at 11am and 2.30pm.
  • Reptile show is on at 12.30pm Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and School Holiday
  • Some areas are wheel chair friendly
  • Bookings are not essential



2282 Mount Barker Rd Hahndorf, SA 5245

P:  8388 7289

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