Go back in time this winter with Adelaide Zoo’s Prehistoric Nights

Journey back through the ages to the Mesozoic Era, a time when puppets, lights, and dinosaurs converge in a spectacular display this July.

Embark on an unprecedented adventure, unlike any nights witnessed in millions of years, as you delve into the first instalment of a trilogy that explores the mysteries of the prehistoric world. Proudly brought to you by Adelaide Zoo and Illuminate Adelaide, in collaboration with presenting partner SA Power Networks, prepare to witness the awe-inspiring evolution of Earth’s earliest inhabitants, from the creatures that emerged from the ancient oceans to the colossal beasts that once roamed the planet.

Immerse yourself in a mesmerising world crafted by the renowned creative studios Erth and A Blanck Canvas, featuring cutting-edge puppetry, purpose-built installations, and a vibrant palette of light and colour. Wander amidst floating Biolumes, observe playful Plesiosaurs frolicking with their young, and come face-to-face with the formidable Megaraptor, a native Australian predator with razor-sharp teeth.

This captivating experience not only entertains but also sheds light on Earth’s tumultuous past, highlighting the significance of conservation in averting future extinction events. Join the intrepid guides as they lead you through this captivating dinosaur dynasty, offering insights and illuminating facts along the way.

Prepare for an evening of exploration and enjoyment as you venture into this prehistoric realm, where the past comes alive in a dazzling display of creativity and wonder.

Universal Kingdom: Prehistoric Nights

4th – 21st of July, 2024

Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide

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