Fitness Apps for Kids That’ll Get Your Family Moving…at home!

We've found a range of online sites and fitness apps for kids designed to make exercise simple and fun, so you can get the whole family moving without so much as leaving your living room!

OK so admittedly screens haven’t got a great rep when it comes to keeping our kids active, but when it’s boiling hot outside or pouring with rain, sometimes we need to think outside the box! Our tech devices can be a great tool to encourage little bottoms off the couch!

We’ve found a range of online fitness sites and apps for kids designed to make exercise simple and fun, so you can get the whole family moving without so much as leaving your living room!

Here are 7 fitness apps for kids that you can use at home to keep everybody active, moving and having fun! 

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids

If you have’t come across Cosmic Kids yet, the time is NOW.  The app and associated Youtube channel host mindfulness sessions on video and make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids! Cosmic Kids is all about interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence – and gets kids into the ideologies behind yoga and mindfulness early… which can only be a good thing!

Go Noodle


GoNoodle was designed by child development experts with the aim of inspiring kids to be active and mindful, and is chockablock full of videos all about getting kids moving and helping to kickstart activities for and with your kids!  And unlike many free apps, it’s ad-free! It features workout routines to fitness challenges and has music videos to dance along to.



3, 2, 1 Go! Exercise, eat healthily, and get fit!

Can a dog be an expert hurdler? Should you make smoothies from fruit or pizza? Fitoons will help you figure it out in this fun fitness game for kids that’s like no other.

Choose from 6 hilarious characters, dress them up in stylish sports gear and go exercise! You’ll discover whether a gorilla can do squats, and if a cat can snowboard like a pro.

There are 20 different sports to choose from, at the virtual “gym” and in the “fresh air”. Training your athletes will require skill, precision and timing.

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

Experience Just Dance’s greatest dance routines without a gaming console. There are more than 500 songs for kids to dance to… Because turning your lounge room into a kids dance party is everybody’s dream come true… obviously! It’s all the fun of Just Dance, without the expense of going out and buying an XBOX or a Playstation! WINNING!

swork it kids


Sworkit is literally fitness made simple; it’s a personal training app, and features a library of kids’ workouts, perfect for for getting kids moving while at home and missing out on their usual activities. It’s a straightforward app that gives you a variety of workout options, including strength training, agility, and flexibility and balance. You can choose the length of your workout as well, from five minutes to an hour. Once you hit start, the app will play videos of kids demonstrating each move, like jumping jacks, bear crawls, and stretches for your child to follow along. You can also select a workout customised to more specific activities.

Word of warning…Sworkit is best for kids who are a little older and don’t require a lot of gimmicks to get them excited.

toca dance

Toca Dance

Whether you’re a dance master or you have two left feet, with Toca Dance you’re a star choreographer ready to create routines for your dancers! In the full (paid) version of Toca Dance you get more characters, more costumes, more songs and more fun, but there’s also a free version available which still gives you the options of creating your own dance routines and zany characters!

yoga for kids

Yoga for Kids Daily Fitness App

Yoga For Kids Daily Fitness is full of kid-friendly yoga poses and makes a good alternative to Cosmic Kids. Kids will learn bow pose, bridge pose, cat pose, cobra pose and it’s designed to help build physical and mental strength in a way that makes it super fun for kiddos!

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