FIRST LOOK: The New Variety Children’s Zoo 

We took some VERY excited KIDDO’s into the brand new Variety Children’s ZOO that officially opens to the public (just in time for the school holidays) this Saturday 28th Sep.

The new Variety Children’s Zoo includes areas for children of all abilities to play and explore. Thanks to the recently built aerial walkways, it’s also just a hop, skip and jump from the Zoo’s ever-popular Nature Playground and Wisteria Café. The kids can learn and explore while you relax with a coffee.

There are a range of animals trotting, crawling and climbing their way to the new Zoo. You can expect to see domestic animals such as goats, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, as well as native animals such as quokkas. These cuddly creatures were chosen, because they are animals that are super kiddo friendly, allowing your little ones to connect with nature face-to-face.

Animals such as potoroo’s and bettong’s will be welcomed as the newest members of the Children’s Zoo family, creating even more native excitement than ever before.

Amongst the crazy new adventures, there will be a dedicated animal presentation stage for keepers to share stories about their animal friends. Kids can see what it takes to develop trusting relationships with the animals, and how they can use these techniques to enrich the lives of their pets at home.

A big, brand-spanking new feature will be the ‘goat rock climbing’ and ‘two storey walkways’. Charismatic goats love getting up high and testing their fantastic balance skills, something that makes them incredibly well suited to their mountainous homes in the wild. By making sure the new playspace features elements like balance beams, seesaws, ladders or even trampolines, the Zoo’s beloved goats will be encouraged to think harder about navigating their environment, keeping them active, healthy and encouraging natural behaviours.

Everywhere you look something wild is happening! Also keep an eye out for the friendly brood of chickens and their musical instruments! Did we also mention the goat xylophone and cheeky chicken swing? There’s so much for little roving hands, eyes and ears to discover these school holidays at Adelaide Zoo.

The new Variety Children’s Zoo is the first stop on your Adelaide Zoo adventure and a must visit these school holidays for a no-brainer, fun-filled family day out.

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