Firefly Forest – A FREE installation for DreamBIG

Firefly Forest – A FREE installation for DreamBIG

Firefly Forest is an immersive magical lighting installation created by Patch Theatre’s new Artistic Director, Geoff Cobham, and his longtime collaborator Chris Petridis. This timeless piece, sparked by an unexpected sublime moment in a paddy field under a full moon and next to a volcano, is an inspiration for all ages.

The fireflies leave trails of ever-changing ember coloured light. Please come and sit beneath them and be transported to another time and place.

Artistic Director of Patch Theatre Company Geoff Cobham said: “It is a genuine privilege to premiere Firefly Forest to young audiences at the DreamBIG Festival. Kids are so incredibly curious and the beautiful thing about working with light in an artistic context, is that light can become whatever we want it to be, or perhaps whatever it is that we require it to be.

A miniature flicker in the distance becomes the spark of a lighter. Another glow joins it and they become the eyes of a creature in the darkness. A third, a fourth, fifth become the lanterns swung by rice paddy workers making their way home at dusk. One hundred become the eerie windows of a vacant office block, two hundred an isolated village glimpsed at night from an aeroplane at cruising level, a thousand become the monolithic Milky Way. Kids will have the opportunity to engage with the work and let their imaginations go as this exciting installation unfolds around them.”\

28 – 31 May

Adelaide Festival Centre

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