Educate pre-schoolers on water safety this summer with Kangaroo Beach

water safety kangaroo beach
Summer is upon us, and the importance of water safety awareness and education for parents and our little ones is imperative as ever. It takes only 20 seconds and a few centimetres of water for a child to drown, with a drowning event happening quickly and silently.

Surf Life Saving Australia and the Australian animated TV series that has captured the hearts of kids across the nation Kangaroo Beach, have teamed up to release the top safety tips for parents and kids in and around the water.

Kangaroo beach water safety

Surf Life Saving water safety tips

  • Swim at a patrolled beach, between the red and yellow flags, lifeguards can keep an eye on you to make sure you are in the best spot to have fun
  • Always swim with an adult or parent! It’s important to always stay together in the water and never be left alone
  • You should check for underwater hazards in shallow and murky water by entering the water feet-first and slowly. You can pass a stick through the water to check for seaweed, reeds, logs or other hidden hazards
  • A rip is a narrow, powerful current that pulls water away from the beach and out to sea. If you ever get caught in a rip it’s important to stay calm and float
  • Panic can happen to anyone, even in situations when they’re usually fine. Keeping calm and floating are the most important thing to do in the water
  • If someone is in trouble in the water, you should always alert a nearby lifeguard to danger. It is not safe to attempt your own rescue – you may end up in trouble too


And of course important safety tips for all ages should be adhered to:

  • Where possible, swim at a patrolled beach, between the red and yellow flags
  • Regardless of whether you’re at a patrolled or unpatrolled beach, adopt a STOP, LOOK, PLAN approach
  1. STOP – check for rip currents
  2. LOOK – for the other hazards
  3. PLAN – to stay safe, to swim at a patrolled location – check
  • Wear a lifejacket if boating, rock fishing or on watercraft
  • Check weather conditions before heading out
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs when on or around water
  • Supervise children at all times on, in and around water


Kangaroo Beach explores the beach adventures of four cadets, Pounce, Frizzy, Neville and Gemma and features key water safety messages for pre-schoolers in each episode.

Series 2 of Kangaroo Beach will premiere on ABC Kids and ABC iview from Monday, 23 January at 8.10am, with Miranda Tapsell joining the cast as Wanda, local adrenaline-junkie-sugar glider. 

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