DreamBIG: Top shows for adventurous kids

DreamBIG 2021: From 19 – 29 May, DreamBIG is asking kids and their adults to “Be Curious” and explore the world around them with open minds and hearts. If you’re up for a bit of fun and excitement, here are the top three shows for adventurous kids at this year’s festival!

DreamBIG Children’s Festival 2021 is full of shows and experiences that will stretch children’s minds, fill them with wonder and help them find their inner explorer.

Tickets are on sale now for a thrilling range of performances at Adelaide Festival Centre from May 19 to 29.

If you’re up for a bit of fun and excitement, here are our top three shows for adventurous kids – everything from an immersive theatre experience to a dramatic bus tour and a trip to the beach like no other!

magic beach dream big


Every year, an everyday family go on a beach holiday. This isn’t just any beach – it’s Magic Beach, where everything you can imagine becomes real. But this year is different. As the eldest child begins to grow up, does she have to leave the magic behind?

From the team behind The Gruffalo and the Treehouse series, this new Australian adaptation from multi-award-winning playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer is a celebration of the power of the imagination and the differences that make every child special.

Presented by: CDP Theatre Producers

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still point of a turning world dreambig


As our world turns faster and faster, this is a space to slow down, reflect and wonder. Come and explore a patchwork of experiences that will inspire you to question who you are and how you affect the world around you.

Within a darkened corner of the Queen’s Theatre, you are at the centre of this immersive performance installation.

Three performers animate the room – creating small scenes, poetic images and stories together with you.

Presented by: Carte Blanche and August & September in association with Causeway Projects

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the. narrator dream big


The windows of the bus act as screens through which the audience watches a classic story of childhood rejection and betrayal unfold in real time.

Live actors appear and disappear, and real buildings and pedestrians become part of the story as told by the on-board narrator.

Universal story elements are brought to iconic and everyday locations, with children finding out how they see places and what meanings they give to them.

Captivating from the journey’s start to end, the story unfolds like magic as you watch the passing streets of the city you know and fall under the spell of the all-knowing narrator.

Presented by: Jessica Wilson

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Magic Beach image courtesy of: James D. Morgan

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