DIY Junk Masks By Mini Mad Things


For us at MINI MAD THINGS, it’s all about play.

We design and make a fun range of kid’s fancy dress costumes and accessories to encourage imaginative play. Ethically handcrafted in Nepal, or hand made in our Australian workshop, every MINI MAD costume is produced with care.

We also have a kid’s craft blog and run pop up craft events. All our craft projects are simple, fun and designed to inspire creative fun with your little ones.

Our aim is to help children see the magic in the world and to be part of it, engage with it and belong to it. What’s the rush to grow up?


• Egg cartons
• Coloured paper
• Poster paint
• PVA glue (or hot glue) • Scissors.

At MINI MAD THINGS we love to create crafty fun using simple household objects, recycling or found natural materials.

Introducing The Egg-sons, a crazy bunch of eggheads created using only egg cartons, paint, paper and a bit of glue.

Happy crafting everyone!

Step 1: Cut out your head shapes from the egg carton lids.

Step 2: Cut out different facial features; think eyes, noses, mouths, eyebrows, moustaches and maybe even tongues! For little ones you may need to cut the egg cartons for them as they can be a bit tricky, older kids can have a go themselves.

Step 3: Let the kids arrange their funny faces and begin gluing. PVA glue works well but takes a while to dry, if you don’t want to wait for drying help your little ones out with using a hot glue gun.

Step 4: Now get messy with paint and decorate your faces. We only had bright neon colour paints so we painted ours crazy colours but you could go with more natural colours, just use what you have on hand.

Step 5: Cut some scrap pieces of paper to decorate your faces, we made some hair, eyelashes and patterns for ours. Stick you paper decorations in place.

Step 7: Your funny egg carton faces are finished!

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