Dino World is coming to Adelaide!

Roarsome news for Dinosaur lovers (aka... every kid everywhere), a world class dinosaur exhibition is coming to Adelaide early next year and it looks like it's going to be DINOmite!

Roarsome news for dinosaur lovers (aka… every kid everywhere), a world class dinosaur exhibition is coming to Adelaide early next year and it looks like it’s going to be DINOmite!

Life size Dinos

Featuring life-size, robotic, animatronic dinosaurs and specimens, visitors will experience the Jurassic tour, meet several life size dinosaurs species, like the T-riffic T-Rex and the unsTOPpable Triceratops in natural surrounds. The exhibition features fossil display, dinosaur toy shop, family dinosaur related activities play area and its ideal for family outing, school group visit and kids parties.

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Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous

Perth Jurassic Festival will exhibit more than 22 breathing, blinking, tail-swaying and roaring animatronic dinosaurs selected from the three prehistoric eras namely Jurassic period, Triassic period, and Cretaceous period some 250 million years ago.

The Jurassic tour will capture the imagination of visitors taking them back in time to the land of dinosaurs where they will walk among life size animatronic dinosaurs. This is a rare opportunity to come face to face with the breath-taking humongous model creators.

Imagine coming up close with the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex which is a whopping 13m long and 4.5m high, Brachiosaurus (15m long) or the Triceratops! The accurate to science dinosaur specimens are improved recreations as a result of recent palaeontology discoveries.

dino world adelaide

Dinosaur themed activities for the whole family

The unique indoor educational exhibition is a perfect opportunity for science explorers of all ages to underpin their theoretic knowledge of the pre-historic world in dinosaur palaeontology to a level of reality.

Various amusement rides and dinosaur-themed activities for the whole family will be available.

Event Details:

Date: Friday 8 – Sunday 17 January 2020
Time: 8am – 10pm daily
Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre

Tickets are on sale now:


The event tickets are limited due to venue capacity and social distancing regulations. Customers are advised to book their tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the last minute. Tickets will not be available at the door. A time slotting system will be used to control the numbers. Each time slot will be 1h 30m.

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