Coding for Kiddos

Could you have the world’s next tech genius in your fam? Turning your child into the next Bill Gates could definitely make retiring a whole lot more fun. Maybe priming them up for technological success at a young age isn’t such a bad thing. They could learn how to create an app while you can’t even remember your Apple ID. At Code Camp more than 27,000 kids have designed and built their own iPhone apps at 100+ locations!
Code Camp hosts educational sessions at schools all around Australia and offer a variety of different options to suit different ages and capabilities. Little League Younger Kids – AGES 5-6 Little coders make their first small but important leap from consumers to creators of tech.
Spark First Timers – AGES 7-12 This is the most popular camp designed specifically for first time Code Campers. Learn Drag & Drop coding with ‘Code Camp World’. Ignite Returning students – AGES 7-12 Start with Drag & Drop and then move to Line Coding with JavaScript (for kids who have completed Spark). Blast Advances – AGES 8-13 For the more advanced superheroes who have conquered Spark and Ignite and are ready for a full Code Camp in the world of JavaScript For more information and locations head to

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