Confetti Celebrations at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace

Catching Confetti
Glenunga International High School is helping Adelaide Festival Centre celebrate its 50th birthday with a new exhibition, Catching Confetti, on display at Children’s Artspace until April 16.

Catching Confetti explores themes of celebration and is created and curated by students from years 7 to 10 from Glenunga International High School.

Students participated in a series of curatorial workshops led by Adelaide Festival Centre’s Exhibition and CentrED team in association with Glenunga International High School art teachers.

Catching Confetti, not only refers to theatre audiences collecting and keeping confetti after a performance as a souvenir, but also metaphorically refers to how people often gather memory tokens from achievements and life experiences.

Artworks include commemorative plates honouring their favourite animal or pet, ceramic party animals and celebratory busts that poke fun at the notion of celebrities.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s CentrED Education Officer Renee Gibson said Catching Confetti is a celebration of the work of Glenunga International High School Students  as artists and curators.

The students had the opportunity to learn about the art of curating and devising an exhibition from the Children’s Artspace team, and Catching Confetti is the product of their creative ideas.

Children’s Artspace presents interactive workshops, performances and creative experiences to inspire children.

The gallery is open Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm (also open during Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre performance times).

Enter via Festival Plaza or Dunstan Playhouse Foyer.

For more information about Children’s Artspace:

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