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We all know the benefits of incorporating fitness into our lives, but is that always enough motivation to juggle your schedules and get you to the gym?

Studio Pilates is a state-of-the-art, scientifically-based way of transforming your entire body in the quickest time possible, making it perfect for busy mums and business women.

Instructor designed classes also mean you’re saved the mental hassle of designing your own work-out or choosing what machine to go on next.

Norwood instructor, and owner, Joanne Thiele tailors forty minute Pilates reformer classes that are fast paced and intense, delivering incredible total body sculpting workouts.

Studio Pilates is currently situated in Norwood, Adelaide, Henley and soon-to-be Unley in 2020!

We spoke to KIDDO publisher Charlotte and 3 other busy, local mums and business women about the benefits of Pilates:

Name: Charlotte Chambers
Occupation: Mumma and Publisher @ Kiddo Mag
How long have you been doing SP?
2 years-ish
How many times do you attend per week?
2 – 3
Why did you start?
I have never been someone that has exercised regularly or really enjoyed exercising. I have always liked the thought of reformer Pilates, bouncing around with your feet in straps looked like fun… and it was. I started and haven’t stopped, the workout is fun, fast and incredibly challenging. I do the 6:30am classes which fit perfectly into my hectic life. The trainers are fantastic and welcome everyone of all ages, sizes and abilities.
What results have you seen?
Well.. I can lift 19 bags of shopping out of the car and into the house without breaking a sweat, wrestle a toddler off the playground with ease, it has also changed my body shape. There is something empowering about building muscle…you don’t realise how much you need it in your daily life.

Name: Rebecca Morse
Occupation: Newsreader / Radio host
How long have you been doing SP?
Since the start of 2019
How many times do you attend per week?
2-3. The Hit107 team does a session every Monday morning in the city and I sneak off to the Henley Beach studio every Sunday morning before the kids are up. I try to fit a third in whenever I can.
Why did you start?
I was worried when I started working in breakfast radio that my exercise routine would go out the window, so when I discovered Studio Pilates was across the road from Hit107 it was the perfect solution. The Henley Beach studio has become part of my weekend routine as well.
What results have you seen?
My core is stronger and more defined and that horrendous burn in the glutes has been worth it! I think my terrible posture has also improved.

Name: Ally Aoukar
Occupation: Director of Events & Socials @ Out In The Paddock
How long have you been doing SP?
I joined SP back in early March and have been doing it for 10 months.
How many times do you attend per week?
I try and attend 3 – 4 classes a week
Why did you start?
Since I was 23 I have always done some form of PT or gym routine. After my second baby I found it difficult to fit in a gym workout that gave me the results I wanted without feeling like I needed to punish my body. Turning 40 this year I had a realisation, I wanted to accept, nourish and honour my body. I had done Pilates previously at other studios but never felt it was for me.
Trying Studio Pilates was the best thing I ever did. The instructors are welcoming, warm and encouraging. It’s the best way to start my day. It’s a quick workout that also allows you to be mindful of your body and to connect with it. The instructors push me beyond my limits while allowing me to listen to my body by giving it time to rest when it’s also needed.
What results have you seen?
It’s changed my body in shape, tone, strength and the mental change is for me by far the best thing. I want to continue to nourish my body and engage in activities that strengthen and benefit it for the rest of my life. I don’t want to feel like I have to punish my body to get results. It’s the best fit for me at this stage in my life.

Name: Belinda Petersen
Occupation: Director of BPPR, a results-driven public relations & strategic communications agency
How long have you been doing SP?
Since Jo opened the Norwood studio three years ago. I just hit over 300 classes – woohoo!
How many times do you attend per week?
I aim for 3 times per week. It’s the perfect start to the day – it clears my head ahead of a busy day full of meetings, non-stop emails, and the morning school rush!
Why did you start?
I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and visited the physio regularly. With two young boys (Jack 12, Hunter 7) and a job that requires a lot of computer work, I found that quite often (monthly!) I would be heading to the physio due to chronic neck and lower back pain.
What results have you seen?
Since starting Studio Pilates, my visits to the physio have been rare. In general, I am definitely stronger and leaner – there’s still a six pack under there waiting to come out though! As a non-stop mum who owns and runs a busy PR Agency, I find the 40-minute classes are the perfect length too.

Studio Pilates Norwood
121B The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

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