Adelaide mothers’ group Bump and Beyond: supporting new and expectant mothers through unprecedented times

Adelaide Mothers' Group Bump and Beyond is connecting and supporting new and expectant mums in unprecedented times. With many support networks currently unavailable for mums-to-be due to the global COVID19 pandemic, Bump and Beyond offers face to face group support workshops, so vital during the ante and postnatal period.

Bump and Beyond: The Adelaide Mother’s Group connecting and supporting mums post COVID-19

Being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet; nobody really knows how.

So imagine you’re an expectant or new mum in 2020, when all of a sudden life the world over changes for everyone because of an unprecedented global pandemic.

What you were expecting for your pregnancy and post natal period is suddenly turned on its head;

You have to attend your prenatal medical appointments without your partner.

Your potential support networks are vastly diminished due to social distancing.

Hospital visitors and even home visits post birth are no longer allowed.

Postnatal rehab appointments are completely cancelled.

And restrictions on gatherings means your Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS) mothers group can’t go ahead.

This is the precise scenario many new mums have been faced with this year, during what we all know can be difficult and isolating early months with a new baby at the best of times.

In many ways, because of the circumstances unfolding this year, new mums have never been more alone or isolated.

Enter Bump & Beyond

bump and beyond

Bump & Beyond, a privately operated mothers group program in Adelaide, have found themselves inundated with inquiries, calls for help from new mums who were struggling more than ever before through just these circumstances, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a vast majority of CaFHS group programs still currently inaccessible to new mums due to cancellation or postponement, Bump & Beyond are in the privileged position to be able to host their programs face to face, offering privately run pregnancy and mum and bubs groups in Adelaide.

This boutique service aims to support, educate and connect new mums and mums-to-be, with a focus on supporting and empowering the transition and adjustment into parenthood.

Bump & Beyond is a program that is run by women and aims to bring together women in business to support other women in their time of need.

bump & Beyond

Group Support is available now

Bump & Beyond provides a network to mums, many of whom may currently be still waiting for their public health services to reopen, via a 10-week program to support SA mums during what are understandably difficult times.

Operating with the knowledge and understanding that group-based education and support is a fundamental aspect to surviving and thriving in early motherhood, Bump & Beyond provides open and honest peer group sharing and connection helps support you by normalising feelings and experiences. Group support helps to minimise feelings of isolation and alienation as you are surrounded by a group of people who are feeling and experiencing many of the same struggles, challenges, and joys at the same time as you.

Sessions include:

  • Group facilitation by a neonatal nurse; a great consistent resource and support for the mums throughout the program
  • Individual box of morning tea for new mums to enjoy or take home
  • Unlimited tea and coffee throughout the session
  • Sample bags of Australian products mums can try at home with their new babies
  • Groups for mums who have more than one child. This is a new addition as traditionally mums groups are only offered to first-time mums. Bump & Beyond could see a need for mums who want the most current information the second or even third time around not to mention some new mumma and baby friends for themselves and their new little ones.

What does a Bump & Beyond Mothers’ Group Look like, sound like, or even smell like?

Your Bump & Beyond Mothers’ group program will have:

  • nine other new mums with babies around the same age as yours
  • two hours long session held weekly on a designated day and time.
  • a group facilitator who will become a great support for you over the course of your program and beyond
  • each weekly session will start with a 45 minute to an hour master class run by a local expert on one of the important topics that you might find useful in the first year of your child’s life.

Specialised support and expert advice

Bump & Beyond offer advice and support from some of Adelaide’s leading postnatal and baby experts.

Each week, throughout the 10-week program an expert will join the group to share specialised advice within their field of expertise, to give new mums tips and tricks to support themselves and their babies.

Specialised speakers include:

  • Karina Savage from smart bite talking about starting solids and allergy advice 
  • Kelly Martin from Kelly Martin Sleep Consultancy talking all things baby sleep
  • Karyn Hindle from Head to Toe First Aid is running first aid for babies demonstrations
  • Amber Owens from Mindful Pathways Psychology is talking new mums through postnatal mental health and wellbeing
  • The girls at Ivory Rose are talking Bump & Beyond mums through physiotherapy advice on how to heal their bodies post-birth
  • Dr Kaitlin Harkess is talking about mindfulness and wellbeing strategies
  • Kelly from Baby Sensory is running through sensory play ideas and activities to support healthy brain development
  • Amanda Lee is helping support mum with the huge topic of childcare, kindergarten and school enrolments (private and public system)

These women have all come together to help support new Adelaide mums.

How to get involved

  • The next Bump & Beyond programs begin in September (enquire now if interested as places are limited due to postponed CaFHS programs around the state)
  • Mums-to-be can enrol now for 2021, with waitlists for local CaFHS expected to be long once they are up and running again

Enquire about availability

For more information:


bump & beyond

More about Bump & Beyond

All too often during our pregnancies, we are inundated with loads of advice from well-meaning friends and family. Our expectations of pregnancy and parenting can get skewed by our Instagram feeds and maybe even the rose coloured memories shared by our own parents. Now more then ever it can be hard to find a forum where you can speak openly and honestly and feel connected and understood. The newfound fears and the overwhelming anticipation and excitement of pregnancy can be an underestimated and under appreciated challenge. The combination of sleep deprivation, hormonal fluctuation, and loneliness, on top of the huge responsibilities of caring for a newborn can sometimes leave mothers (and fathers) feeling overwhelmed and isolated, or maybe just a little lost.

Bump and Beyond is a support service that is an alternative to other often uninspiring, or non-existent services.  Providing connection, friendship, information, and support when you need it… NOW. Most importantly Bump & Beyond is more than a basic mothers group, it is a tribe of mothers that are learning, laughing, crying, discussing and enjoying motherhood together in a carefully crafted and wonderfully facilitated program.

The Bump & Beyond focus is on birthing and taking care of the parent. Prioritising your needs with the knowledge that your wellbeing is fundamental to meeting the needs of your newborn. Bump & Beyond wants to help support and empower you as you transition and adjust to parenthood, and value honesty, openness, and transparency about the parenthood experience.

Bump and Beyond links all new parents and parents to be to a new tribe and a new community through both our holistic prenatal and postnatal services.

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