Blip Art School DIY Felt Brooches

Blip Art School DIY Felt Brooches

Any day can be the day to show your appreciation for the power woman who raised you. What better way to show your mum that she’s the absolute best than by presenting her with a homemade felt badge!

You will need:
• Felt
• Scissors
• Mini pom poms
• Craft glue
• Brooch pins – available from
craft stores, alternatively you
can use a safety pin!
• Card
• Paint or paint pens

Plan the shape of your badge and then cut the shapes out of felt!

Make some eyes out of pom poms and stick everything down using craft glue.

Attach the brooch pin to the back of your felt character with glue

Decorate your backing card to match your badge using paint pens or any art materials you have!

Come up with a fun pun for your mum and attach the pin to the backing so it’s ready to gift!

What special brooch would best suit your mum or dad? Here are some fun ideas you could try!

We’d love to see your creations! Don’t forget to post them on social media, tag @blipartschooland @kiddomag and
hashtag #blipxkiddo

Blip Art School was founded by local creatives Ella James and Astrid Myers. Their classes provide students with unique, exciting activities designed to help them develop their creativity in a fun, social environment. For more info on upcoming classes follow them on Facebook or Instagram or head to

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