Beep and Mort are back

Series 2 has landed! Beep and Mort are back for more action-packed adventures with their quirky and lovable community of friends, family and fuzzles.

Commissioned by ABC and shot entirely at Adelaide Studios, Beep and Mort employs 168 cast, crew and contractors across production and post production activities. Supported by Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation with international distribution from ABC Commercial.

Beep is a robot from the stars. Mort is a cuddly resident of Mollyvale. Although they come from worlds apart, they’re the best of friends together. In this all-new series, they sing, dance, surf and skate as they invent inspired contraptions, build an epic pillow fort, solve a whodunnit, visit the Land of Lost Things, convene the best club in the absolute universe and learn to speak dog.

Get ready to travel further afield on the Mollyplanet as we discover the bustling Mollyport. It is home to the lighthouse, sandy beach, Clem’s fish-feeding boat, an ocean full of friendly sea creatures and a cave with glow moss, fuzzleflies and mysterious fossils from the past. And a trip to the seaside is never complete without a visit to Glenda’s store, stacked full of supplies including delicious mollypops and fun trinkets for trading.

In Series 2, Beep and Mort are joined by new seaside friends; Merma, Merfee and Axol together with beloved favourites, little sister Pop, pancake-expert Uncle Joe, hobbyist Mae and all-round-enthusiast, Raf the dog. Along for the ride are the furry fuzzles, Clem, Reuben, Olive, Robin, Russell, the Twins and the rest of the Mollyvale gang.

Expect twenty wildly fun, all-new stories, with the same sentiment at heart. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’re made of, home is wherever you lay your furry head… or charge your battery.

And friendship is the greatest super power of all.

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