Beatboxing superhero clowns around at DreamBIG

DreamBIG 2021: Old school clowning and modern technology will collide when beatboxing superhero Dr AudiYO takes to the stage at DreamBIG in May! We’ve got an exclusive chat with Dr AudiYO herself, Holly Austin, about what to expect from the show!

Old-school clowning and modern technology will collide when a beatboxing superhero takes to the stage at DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure features award-winning theatre maker Holly Austin, who uses only her voice, a microphone and a magical looping bum bag to bring to life a wondrous world of music and giants.

In a thrilling choose-your-own adventure, audiences help Dr AudiYO decide which path to take in her mission to slay The Beast, who is on rampage to silence a whole city.

To find out what happens next, check out Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure in Adelaide Festival Centre’s Quartet Bar from May 22-23.

In the meantime, and without giving too much away, here’s our chat with Holly about the show.

Dr Audio DreamBig

What can you tell us about the main character, Dr AudiYO?

She’s a beatboxer who can create imaginative soundscapes, songs and imaginary cats right before your very eyes using nothing but her mouth! She also has a ‘magic bum bag’ – a world first in wearable technology – which allows her to add effects to her voice. It’s pretty cool!

How does the ‘magic bum bag’ work?

The bum bag was especially created for the show by interactive designer Annie McKinnon. It allows me to live loop and add effects to my voice as Dr AudiYO. I can create live soundscapes like a swamp or busy cityscape, then add a jazz band ditty and make it rain imaginary cats right before your very eyes!

dr audiyo dreamb ig

What has the reaction been from audiences so far?

Since premiering in 2019 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and then heading to Brisbane Festival and touring all over Australia, the response to the show has been really amazing.

One of the things I love most about creating work for young people is that they let you know straight up if they’re into the show or not. This has made me strive to create highly imaginative, engaging and surprising work that kids and their families will have a blast watching.

What do you love most about the show?

For me it’s the audience participation that is at the heart of the work… the power of collective action and collaboration, and the importance of imaginative play no matter how old you are.

dr audiyo

What advice do you have for kids who’d like to follow in your footsteps?

Be silly, be adventurous, daydream and play … you never know where it might lead!

Dr AudiYO’s Giant Adventure is at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Quartet Bar from May 22-23 as part of DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

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