Best Playgrounds in Adelaide

adelaide's best playgrounds
BEST PLAYGROUNDS IN ADELAIDE: UPDATED NOVEMBER 2023. Adelaide is jam packed with a plethora of amazing playgrounds and play spaces. KIDDO has created a quick look guide to Adelaide's best playgrounds; where they are, what they look like and how to get there, to give you an at-a-glance view of South Australia’s best playgrounds in the North, South, East and West of the state. We've provided a quick snapshot of all the NEED TO KNOW details, to give you more time to explore them yourselves!


Let’s talk best playgrounds in Adelaide. In all honesty, Adelaide kids and their parents are spoiled for choice. We live in a state where the CBD is surrounded by lush green parklands and the suburbs are absolutely jam packed with a plethora of amazing playgrounds and play spaces.

At KIDDO we know what makes a good playground, and so do you! You don’t need us to tell you what the weather was like when we visited, or overload you with details about our personal preference between bark chips and soft fall.

You want to know where the playground is, what it looks like and how to get there!

That’s why we’ve created KIDDO’s quick look guide to the best playgrounds in Adelaide. To give you an at-a-glance view of South Australia’s best playgrounds in the North, South, East and West of the state. We provide a snapshot of what they look like and where they are, to give you more time to explore them yourselves!

And, of course, we will be continually updating this post because the list of the best playgrounds in Adelaide is always growing and changing, just like your kiddos!

UPDATED: November 2023

Here are some of the best playgrounds in Adelaide!


The largest playspace in Adelaide’s south opened earlier this year for families to explore at Wilfred Taylor Reserve in Morphett Vale.

The $2.2 million nature-based playspace has been designed for people of all ages and abilities to explore, roam and enjoy the reserve’s gorgeous natural environment.

Address: Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale

Marshmallow Playground

marshmallow park

marshmllow park

marshmallow park 3

marshmallow park 4

Marshmallow Playground is basically an institution in Adelaide’s inner South and has had a huge refurb in the last few years. There’s so much shade here (thanks to the gorgeous fig tree in the centre of the playground), and there’s water play and nature play opportunities, swings and slides, climbing frames and there are adjacent basketball and tennis courts within eyeline for older kids. And an all important feature of a playground when you have younger children – toilets!

Address: Glen Osmond Road, Adelaide

East Tce Glover Playground

east tce glover playground

East Tce Glover Playground

East Tce Glover Playground

Another playground that’s had a decent revamp in recent years is the East Tce Glover Playground. With cubbies, slides, swings, climbing walls, in ground trampolines, a basketball and netball hoop, plus BBQ facilities and toilets – this is a playground that ticks all the boxes, just South of the city and nestled amongst the olive groves, there are also plenty of great climbing trees!

Address: 120 East Tce, Adelaide

Heywood Park

heywood park

heywood park

This is one for the ninja kids! Heywood Park has long since been a favourite playground in Adelaide among families, but with its recent renovation, including construction of a mini ninja warrior course, it’s right up the top of the list! As well as the ninja course, you’ll also find all the traditional playground equipment, situated in the midst of a beautiful park setting with plenty of grass to run on, logs to climb and places to picnic!

Address: Addiscombe Pl, Unley Park

Blackwood Park Treetops playground

Treetops park

treetops park

This one’s for the height loving kiddos, with the playground literally being built into the treetops at Blackwood Park. With rope climbs and climbing nets as well as an enclosed spiral slide, you’ll entertain your young climbers, and for those less inclined to play among the treetops, you’ll also find sand pit, small wooden climbing frame and a less intense slide. Everybody wins!

Address: Cnr of Blackwood Park Blvd and Champion Way, Craigburn Farm

Heron Way Reserve, Hallet Cove

Heron Way Reserve

Heron Way Reserve

Everybody loves a playground by the beach, and the Heron Way Reserve ticks all the boxes – water play for kids, BBQ’s and communal spaces, nature play, sand play, and a super slide! This is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide by the beach!

Address: Heron Way, Hallet Cove

Angus Neill Reserve, Seacliff

angus neiill

Angus Neill

angus neill

Another beach side winner; the Angus Neill Reserve in Seacliff is on the Esplanade and as such has stellar beach views! With on site BBQ’s and plenty of picnic space, this is a great spot for a family day out. Featuring both nature play and water play, as well as an awesome wooden pirate ship that harks back to the playgrounds we hung out at as kids, a spinner and a cool hillside cave and plenty of shade, this is a definite winner for the kids!

Address: Esplanade, Seacliff

Mitchell Park Oval Playground

Mitchell Park Oval Playground

Mitchell Park OVal

Mitchell Park Playground

Climbing ropes, slides, swings, logs and balancing boulders, there’s so much to do at Mitchell Park Oval Playground, and with plenty of shade and space for families, not to mention both water play and sand play options, this could be where you spend your next day out! When we’re looking for the best playgrounds in Adelaide, we look for playgrounds that tick all the boxes, and this one is certainly on the list!

Address: Bradley Grove, Mitchell Park

Mortlock Park, Colonel Light Gardens

Mortlock park colonel light gardens upgrade

Mortlock park upgrades

This is an Adelaide playground that really gives an option for every family member (including the dog!). Adjacent Mortlock Oval, and right next to Colonel Light Primary, the recently upgraded Mortlock Park Playground has playground equipment to suit a variety of aged kids, while the dog has a run on the oval, and you’ll even find a mini BMX pump track where kids can go for a burn on their bikes!

Address: Mortlock Park, Colonel Light Gardens

Hendrie Street Reserve INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUND, Parkholme

Hendrie Street Reserve Playground

Hendrie Street Playground

Hendrie Stret Playground

Hendrie Street Playground

The incredible Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground, part of the Livvi’s Place Network – delivering special places to change the way our society plays – is the first playground in Adelaide to be developed specifically for kids with disabilities.

The playspace brings together all children, regardless of their ability, to play side by side and encourage social inclusion through play.

This is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide and offers so many accessible play opportunities:

  • Wheelchair accessible carousel
  • Accessible play – multi station with ramp
  • Expression Swing
  • Sensory playspace
  • The toilets at the playground are fully accessible and include an adult-sized change table
  • Hard pathways through the playground have been designed wider to allow the easy access and manoeuvrability of mobility chairs
  • Accessible BBQs are installed within the playground that allow wheelchair users to easily cook
  • Ample car parking, including disabled parking, is available and allocated coach spaces make this a great group excursion location

Address: Hendrie Street Inclusive Playground, Hendrie Street, Parkholme

Central Park Playground, Craigburn Farm

Central Park Blackwood

Big Slide Playground Craigburn Farm

blackwood park playground

Firstly, this playground is just so so pretty! I mean look at it! green as far as the eye can see. And who could go past that slide? This playground is nestled in the quiet suburb of Craigburn Farm, but well worth a visit if you’re in the area or are looking for a new adventure. With rope climbs and rock climbing walls, there’s something here that will keep your kids entertained for… well… juuuust long enough until someone needs to wee. There are no toilets, which is a drawback, so make sure everyone goes before they leave home!

Address: 4 Fisher Cres, Craigburn Farm

Princess Elizabeth Playground

princess elizabeth playground

princess elizabeth playground

princess elizabeth climbing frame

When we’re talking about the best playgrounds in Adelaide, the Princess Elizabeth Playground would have to be in the top 5! She’s definitely royalty that’s for sure. Not only is it HUGE, but there is just so much to do! And there are toilets, so you won’t have to leave because someone needs to go, WOOHOO. The kids at KIDDO HQ call this playground the “castle playground” because of the giant spiral slide that’s been built into a castle – and boy they’ve spent many hours climbing those stairs and whizzing down. There are also plenty of swings and slides, in ground trampolines, and the biggest most epic climbing frame you ever did see. With ample BBQ space and grassy areas, this is a great playground for a party!

Address: South Tce, Adelaide

Mitcham Reserve

Mitcham Reserve

Mitcham Reserve

If you’re looking for a picturesque playground, the playground in Mitcham Reserve is certainly that. With plenty of grassy surrounds, this is another great playground for a birthday party. With plenty of different playground equipment, but also a creek bed to explore and enough grass to kick a ball and onsite toilets, this suburban playground is a definite contender for one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide.

Address: Between Old Belair Rd, Norman Walk & Evans Ave, Old Belair Rd

Jubilee Park

jubilee park

Jubilee Park

jubilee park


If fun had a middle name, it would be Jubilee Park! This playground is MEGA, and is absolutely one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide. We’re talking climbing frames, water play, sand play.. and, I mean, how many playgrounds have a life sized giraffe? The best part of Jubilee Playground has got to be the giant wooden castle though, which is huge and will keep the kids running, hiding and exploring for absolutely ages! This is the kind of playground that calls for a few solid hours, and probably lunch (plenty of space for picnics and BBQs too)! And right across from the beach – your summer adventure awaits.

Address: Saltfleet Street, Port Noarlunga South

Seaside Park Moana

Seaside Park Moana

moana playground

seaside park moana

Located in the ‘Seaside at Moana’ estate, you could be forgiven for thinking the locals might have wanted to keep this brand new playground just to themselves – it’s that good. With a great range of equipment for kids of all ages including nature play elements and a pirate ship, the park also has a bike path for kiddos who want to experience it on two wheels! 

Address: Seaside Boulevard, Moana

Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta

OHalloran Hill Adventure Playground

OHalloran Hill adventure playground

Ohalloran hill adventure playground

Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta includes an adven­ture play­ground and vis­i­tor hub. The adven­ture play­ground fea­tures three slides, a see­saw, spin­ner, fos­sil dig area and Kau­r­na carv­ings and sculp­tures set across 7,000 square metres, mak­ing it one of the biggest nature play spaces in South Aus­tralia.

There are also rope and log climb­ing ele­ments, a pen­du­lum swing, cub­by build­ing, a 25m long fly­ing fox and a wide range of acces­si­ble equip­ment to ensure chil­dren of all abil­i­ties can enjoy the space.

The pur­pose-built vis­i­tor hub includes shel­ters, BBQs, toi­lets, pic­nic areas, carparks and her­itage buildings.

Address: Majors Road, O’Halloran Hill

The Paddocks Reserve Playground

adelaides best playgrounds north

The Paddocks in Para Hills features a large playground that includes a splashtastic waterplay area, interactive nature playspace and accessible play equipment. Access the playground via the carpark on Maxwell Road. The surrounding area also boasts a large expanse of land with wide open sporting fields, a bird and wildlife conservation wetlands and a fully enclosed, dog exercise yard.

Bridge Road, Para Hills West

Freedom Park Two Wells

Freedom Park Two Wells

freedom park two wells

Offering more than 10,000 square metres of community space, the rurally-themed and modern Freedom Park in Two Wells includes a leading edge nature playground, life-sized chessboard, table tennis table, BBQs, shelters, walking trails and open kick-about spaces. The playground features a giant treehouse, windmill, climbing frames, water play, sandpit, barnyard play equipment and slides.

Liberty Freedom Park, Jefferson Boulevard, Two Wells

Ridgehaven Reserve

ridgehaven reserve

Ridgehaven Reserve upgrade

ridgehaven reserve playground

The upgraded Ridgehaven Reserve playground includes two slides, a climbing wall, basket swing and arched monkey bars. With plenty of large rocks and hopping logs bordering the site, there’s plenty of play opportunities here for kiddos big and small!

2-4 Leane Avenue, Ridgehaven

Lightsview Adventure Playground

lightsview adventure playground

lightsview adventure playground

lightsview adventure playground

lightsview adventure playground

Completed in April 2021, the final piece of the Lightsview parks and wetlands crown covers approximately 3,000sqm and includes a sensory-rich dinosaur discovery sandpit along with a dizzying array of activities and play equipment.Kids can now explore a nature play zone, creek bed, in-ground trampolines, climbing frames, inclusive play carousel under shade, giant bird’s nest swing, climbing ropes and slides, and there is, of course, plenty of green space for families to picnic, kids to run around or ball games! There’s no doubt that this is one of the newest and best playgrounds Adelaide has to offer in the North!

South Parkway or Wiltshire Drive, Lightsview

Barossa Adventure Station

barossa adventure station barossa adventure station

barossa adventure station

Barossa Adventure Station truly has something for everyone. Features include a multi-level place space including a mega tower and play deck, 1km mountain bike loop, heritage elements, attractive open spaces, skate ramp, fitness stations and plenty of picnic spots. It’s the perfect place to spend an hour, or the whole day. Best of all, it’s just a short walk to Angaston where you can discover bespoke regional offerings at our many cafes, cellar doors, restaurants and providores.

Address: Washington Street, Angaston

St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

st kilda playground

If you’ve been a kid in Adelaide you’ve probably been to St Kilda Playground, and you’re probably going to want to take your kids there too. Because not only is St Kilda Playground a South Australian icon, it’s also absolutely one of the biggest and best playgrounds in Adelaide. Sure it’s a bit of a drive (45 minutes North of the CDB) but this is an award winning playground and a must visit! And a must go back! This is the ultimate adventure playground, complete with super slides, wooden fortress, old wooden ship, and even a volcano! Not to mention an EPIC flying fox, and a bouncy climbing frame. Kids will run, climb, slide and play for hours here – but make sure to take a towel if it’s hot because those silver slides pack some heat when it’s warm!

Address: 470 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda

Klemzig Recreation Reserve Playground

klemzig reserve

The 2014 upgrade to the Klemzig playground really did wonders. This colourful, shady wonderland is a definite must-visit with kids in Adelaide. Lots of slides, swings, multiple climbing frames and even two flying foxes, BBQ’s, plenty of grass, and toilets – you can’t ask for much more!

Address: OG Rd & North East Road, Klemzig

Prospect Memorial Park

prospect memorial gardens

prospect memorial gardens

propsect memorial gardens

If they were giving prizes for pretty playgrounds, then Prospect Memorial Park would absolutely be on the short list. This is lush playground has been designed as a magical garden and ticks all the boxes for necessary for being one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide. It’s fully fenced, equipped with slides, climbing frames, nature play, water play and sand play, there are toilets within cooee and plenty of grass and BBQ areas. Another great potential party park!

Address: 1 Menzies Cres, Prospect

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park and Playground

Cobbler Creek Playground

Cobbler Creek Playground

The exciting new Kites and Kestrels adventure playground at Cobbler Creek is absolutely deserving of its place on the list of best playgrounds in Adelaide. With climbing structures that look like trees with raptors’ nests, sandpits, a flying fox, plenty of nature play and a super slide… this is a must-visit with kids in Adelaide. There are also bike paths, and a BMX pump track and trails in the adjacent Peddler Paddock so put the bikes and scooters in the car and get on your way!

Address: Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, Salisbury East

Hope Valley Reservoir Nature Playground

Hope Valley Reservoir Playground

Hope Valley Reservoir Playground

hope valley reservoir playground

The Hope Valley Reservoir opened for recreation in 2020, and the recently completed nature playground takes it to the next level as a spot to spend the afternoon with the fam. The creative geniuses behind such Adelaide nature play spaces as The Morialta Conservation Park Playground, Mitcham Reserve and Victor Harbor CT Fisher Playground, Climbing Tree Creations, have done it again, designing a playground on the banks of the Hope Valley Reservoir that will get your kiddos climbing, building… and maybe even bouldering! All with quite a shmick vista to take in while they’re at it!


  • Climbing frame
  • Stepping stones and logs
  • Free standing teepees
  • Balancing logs
  • Bouldering rock
  • Nature play creek bed


The surrounding area is complete with picnic tables and chairs, drinking fountains, toilets and fitness equipment, as well as plenty of grass to run around on or kick a ball, so there really is something for everyone here. There are also easy, accessible walking trails around and across the dam great for a wander on foot, or on your bike!

And with a view like this as a backdrop…why wouldn’t you?

Address: Hope Valley Reservoir, North Western Corner,  Lambert Avenue Entrance, Hope Valley

Modbury Civic Park Playground

Modbury Civic Playground

Civic Park playground

With climbing castles and frames, slides, an accessible carousel, seesaws and swings, plenty of shade and nearby toilets, Civic Park playground in Modbury has something to keep kids of all ages busy and happy!

Address: Civic Park, Modbury

Thorndon Park Reserve Paradise

Thorndon Park Playground

Thorndon Park Reserve has been fully refurbished! 

The $3.1m redevelopment project celebrates the diverse bird life that Thorndon Park is known for with play zones inspired by flight and nesting, as well as habitat types and food sources.As well as the heron slide sculpture, there’s the wren climbing sculpture, sky bridge, liberty swing, and a junior slide, as well as multi-purpose courts, a ninja warrior course, a flying fox and a hen misting water sculpture.

Address: Hamilton Terrace, Paradise

Solandra Reserve 


One of the true hidden gems of the City of Tea Tree Gully Solandra Reserve is a fantastic space for picnics, playing and exploring the wider Dry Creek area. Playground includes cycle skate and scooter track as well as sand and water play, grassed areas and nearby wetlands. 

Address: 33-37 Solandra Cres, Modbury North 

Golden Fields Reserve Adventure Playground

Located at the lower section of the Golden Fields Reserve in Golden Grove, the adventure playground offers linked towers, multiple slides, a climbing wall, trampolines, a flying fox and much more. The playground also has an accessible toilet, car park and access road, a picnic shelter, and street and park furniture.

Golden Fields is also home to three other playground sections, a sports rage cage, a BMX track and a skate park.

Address: Asgard Drive, Golden Grove

Cobbler Creek Reserve Playground

Nestled between Golden Grove and Salisbury, this park is a slice of the bush within suburban Adelaide. The park is a peaceful place to unwind from city life, and is a popular destination for walkers, the adventure-seeking mountain bike riders, and for young families with kids.
The playground is equipped with slides, swings, a sandpit and climbing structures that are perfect for hours of imaginary play. There are picnic tables and shelter, plus enough trees for shade and keep it cool in the warmer weather.
Ample off-street parking and toilets onsite make it perfect for families of children of all-ages.
Address: Cobbler Creek Recreation Park, Salisbury East

Para Wirra Nature Playspace

Find the Para Wirra Nature Playspace at the Gawler View Pic­nic Area within Para Wirra Conservation Park. The play space has a focus on natural materials and blends into its natural surroundings. Kiddos can climb trees and giant fallen logs, explore the dry creek bed, build an Aboriginal Wudli along the tunnel run, enjoy rope and sand play, as well as an epic flying fox.

Address: Humbug Scrub Road, Yattalunga

Morialta Nature Playground

Morialta nature playground

morialta playground

The pictures say it all really; Morialta Playground is arguably the best Nature Play playground in South Australia! The playground, which is divided into five themed play areas, is absolutely huge and incorporates natural elements as far as the eye can see. You could easily spend an entire day here playing and exploring the surrounding area, so pack a picnic!

Address: Stradbroke Road, Woodforde

Glenside Playground

Glenside Playground

Inner East suburbs families rejoiced with the opening of the Glenside Playground in mid 2021 – this is the park the surrounding community have been dreaming of! With a huge expanse of green space to play red rover all over or kick a footy, as well as a basketball half court, multiple swings, plenty of climbing frames and a toddler focused play castle, everybody wins here. Just be aware that if there’s been heavy rain in the preceding days, you might find the lawn area is more of a lake; the space is a rain water detention area and fills up pretty fast in a downpour.

Address: Harriet Lucy Drive, Glenside

Tusmore Park Playground

Tusmore Park

Tusmore Park

Tusmore Park Pool

Tusmore playground is spread across the park, offers some fun play experiences, with swings slides and climbing frames, as well as lots of room to kick a ball!

During the summer the covered unsupervised Toddler wading pool is a great place for children to play in. And for an added bonus, it’s recently had a full refurbishment and has a fully fenced wading pool, more water spouts, an extra lagoon alongside the original pool and beautiful grassy surrounds perfect for picnics!

Address: Stirling St, Tusmore

Hazelwood Park Playground

Hazelwood. Park

Hzelwood Park

Hazelwood Park

Shady Hazelwood Park playground is the home of a cracking flying fox, which is reason enough for many kids to want to stop by! With plenty of climbing frames, balance beams, slides and swings, as well as the surrounding park which is lush and full of logs to climb, creek beds to explore and ducklings to spot, this playground is well worth a visit. It’s also home of the Burnside Pool which is super tempting for little people when it’s warm outside!

Address: Hazelwood Avenue, Hazelwood Park

Katherine Street Reserve

katerhine street

Katheriine Streeet

Katherine Street Reserve

This corner block park is great for Fullarton locals, and recently upgraded (as of 2017) it’s bright and fun and in good condition! Complete with all the usual suspects (slides and swings and things to climb on), it also has a big sand pit which the little ones love, and a decent amount of grass for running around or kicking a ball.

Address: Katherine Street, Fullarton

Bellyett Reserve

Bellyet reserve

Small but sweet, at the Bellyett playground in Wattle Park what you see is what you get… an epic cubby with slides and climbing ropes to go up and poles to slide down! There are toilets close by, a basketball hoop and a public tennis court – so there are lots of play options available!

Address: 9 Stonyfell Road, Wattlepark

Burnside Adventure playground

Burnside Adventure Playground

burnside adventure playground

Burnside Adventure

Flying fox lovers – Burnside Adventure Park is calling your name! This award winning playground is set amongst the trees in beautiful Kensington and if your kids like climbing, crawling, flying, sliding or spinning.. there’s going to be something here for them to enjoy! There are BBQ’s and toilets, so you can set up here for the day quite comfortably and know the kids will be happy as Larry!

Address: The Parade & West Terrace, Kensington Gardens

James Coke Park

james coke park

James Coke Park

Parents and caregivers have been taking their toddlers to James Coke Park forever and a day, and that’s because it really is the perfect playground for little people. You won’t find a whole lot here to entertain the older kids (although there is a climbing tower and a longer slide), but there have to be some playgrounds earmarked for the littlest among us! It’s fully fenced so no chances of any getaways from little escape artists, and with swings, slides, seesaws and plenty of spots for sitting in the shade, this playground gets our tick of approval!

Address: Coke Street, Norwood



Dunstan Adventure Playground

Dunstan Adventure Playground

Dunstan Adventure Playground

With one of the best slides in SA, this playground is perfect for speed demons who want to barrel down a slippery dip at break neck speed! We’re not kidding when we say it’s fast! Other features include wobbly rope bridges, climbing frames and a flying fox… and right next to the OBAHN track, little ones will also love seeing the buses whizz past! Keep in mind that the metal slide is h.o.t. HOT in the summer months!

Address: Winchester Street, St Peters

QUENTIN KENIHAN PLAYSPACE quentin kenihan playspace quentin kenihan playspace rymill park quentin kenihan rymill park playground  

The brand new Quentin Kenihan Playspace, located in Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14), honours much loved disability advocate Quentin Kenihan and is fully inclusive and accessible. The playground features a wheelchair trampoline, sound and sensory garden and water play, as well as swings, a carousel and plenty of grassy space for picnics and BBQ facilities.

Address: Rymill Park (Park 14), Adelaid

Stanley Street Reserve Playground

Stanley Street Reserve Playground

stanley street reserve playground

stanley street reserve

stanley street reserve

Here is one playground upgrade that will have your kiddos buzzing with excitement. Stanley Street Reserve was upgraded in May 2021 and features a customised hexagon play piece with individual cubbies and bee-themed activities. There is a tunnel slide and children can crawl in and out of each cubby. There is a climbing rope and footholds for those keen to scale the beehive, as well as bee stickers are hidden throughout the play area. Can you find all 100 of them?

Young entrepreneurs can practice playing queen bee at the playground honey shop complete with a wooden honey pot and timber seats. There is a climbable bee sculpture and a table with a bee puzzle. Additional items include a spinner and log steppers along with a toddler and traditional swing set.

The hexagon theme is carried throughout the grounds with the shade, table, seats and planter boxes.

Great for a family day out, the upgrade has seen the addition of a barbeque and shade sail, as well as mulched and rubber softfall complemented by additional planting.

This reserve upgrade sits alongside the existing tennis courts leased by Stanley Street Tennis Club.

Address: Stanley Street, Glengowrie, SA

Wigley Reserve Playground

Wigley Reserve Playground

wigley reserve playground

wigley reserve playground

Just in time for the summer months, the $1m Wigley Reserve playground development is complete!

The playspace, funded by the City of Holdfast and State Government features:

  • a climbing tunnel
  • in-ground trampolines
  • swings
  • slides
  • a log climbing structure
  • stepping boulders
  • a sensory nature-trail

In addition, there’s a drinking fountain, bike racks, custom-built shade structure, seating and 10 new exercise stations in the fitness hub.

Accessibility is a focus with the new space offering increased opportunity to all ages, interests and abilities.

Address: Wigley Reserve Playground, Corner of Anzac Highway & Adelphi Terrace, Glenelg

Bonython Park Playspace

Bonython Park Playground

flying fox bonython park

Absolutely one of Adelaide’s best playgrounds, Bonython Park play space is a playground that has everything you think a playground should, and a few things you wouldn’t have thought of! The spinning hamster wheel is always popular with older kids, as is the dual flying fox. And adjoining park also has plenty of space for running around and kicking a ball, toilet facilities and BBQ’s so there’s really nothing missing here!

Address: Bonython Park, Adealaide

St Clair Recreation Precinct

St Clair Recreation Precinct

ST clair playground

St clair 3

The newly renovated St Clair precinct does not disappoint with its new playground. With a combination of nature play and classic playground equipment, they’ve really catered for kids of all ages and stages. Kids can enjoy the multiple swings (including a huge nest swing!), slides and an epic climbing wall as well as a sandpit and water play options. We approve!

Address: St Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville

Glenelg foreshore playground

Glenelg Foreshore

Gleneleg Foreshore

We LOVE the playground on the foreshore at Glenelg. The pictures say it all really, it’s actually this good and is so popular with the kiddos. The mega slide is super fast (and also super hot in summer so keep that in mind!) and the nature and water play sand pit area keeps big and littles entertained for hours. There are in ground trampolines, tunnels to crawl through, climbing frames and a rope wall, and the beach is only a hop skip and a jump away. Everybody’s a winner!

Address: Glenelg Foreshore, Glenelg

Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve

Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve

playgrounds west adelaide adelaide playground west

Thrill seekers will enjoy this new adventure playground and reserve upgrade at Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve. This neighbourhood playground in Edwardstown features a rock climbing boulder with four levels of climbing abilities to try, as well as a 4.5m high gyro basket swing, which rotates 360 degrees, is multidirectional and suspended from an arching post allowing for further movement and height.

Plenty of nature play opportunities here, with woven pods perfect for imaginative play cubby houses as well as a log pathway trail and junior trampoline. The rock shop with an abacus counter takes a fun spin on numeracy and educational play.

Sports facilities include new multi-sport practice courts (3×3 basketball and netball practice courts), a shared-use trike track pathway, and a new kick-about lawn for kids who just wanna run around, ball in hand.

Address: 6 Yanyarrie Avenue, Edwardstown

Westfield Westlakes Playground

westfield westlakes playground

westfield westlakes

So you don’t usually get a noteworthy playground in a shopping centre, but we’ll make an exception for the playground at West Lakes Westfield. With a combination of tubular slides and open slippery dips, as well as climbing ropes and a sand pit, it’s definitely a space worthy of stopping and letting the kids play while you enjoy a coffee and a well deserved sit down.

Address: Westfield Shopping Centre, West Lakes Boulevard, Westlakes

Harts mill playground

harts mill playground

Harts Mill playground

harts mill playground

Hello yellow! What an awesome playground in the Port. There’s just so much to climb and clamber over at Hart’s Mill playground, your kids will love the spinning wheel, tubular slide and of course, everybody’s favourite, a double flying fox! There’s also a sand play area for little tackers and plenty of swings and even a hamster wheel. While you’re in Port Adelaide, why not go for a wander and see if you can find some of Adelaide’s best street art.

Address: 9 Mundy St, Port Adelaide

MJ McInerney Reserve, West Croydon

MJ McInerny Park

MJ MCinerney Park

MJ Mcinerney Park

Ok let’s talk SLIDES, friends. MJ McInerney Reserve in Croydon is a playground all about slides. Big ones, little ones, straight ones, twisty ones. And what kid doesn’t love sliding? It also has sand play and water play areas, a flying fox, balancing logs, climbing nets… oh and just a FULL SKATE PARK. No big deal. There’s no doubt this is one of the best playgrounds in Adelaide!

Address: Sackville St, West Croydon

Roy Martin Park Taperoo

Roy Martin Park

Roy Martin Park

Well this playground is pretty flipping fantastic! Kids of Taperoo, Roy Martin Park is for you! The playground and surrounds have been upgraded in recent years and all equipment is in separate zones for different ages and abilities. Plenty of shade, slippery dips, sand and climbing equipment will keep your kiddos oh so occupied and that’s just the way we like it!

Address: 22 Wandana Terrace, Taperoo

Collins Reserve

collins reserve

Collins reserve has two play areas, and such a great variety of equipment for big and little kiddos! With onsite parking, a toilet, room to roam, ducks to feed and lots of BBQ facilities, this is a great spot to spend the day!

Address: 88 Valetta Rd, Kidman Park

Sandison Reserve

sandison Reserve

Who doesn’t love a giant tube slide? There’s something at Sandison Reserve for sliders big and small, with a variety of different slippery dips as well as tunnels, swings and spinny things! Lots of BBQ area and spaces for kids to roam free on the grass – a great park for a picnic or a morning out!

Address: Sandison Reserve, Glenelg East

Allenby Gardens Reserve Accessible playground

Allenby Gardens Reserve

allenby gardens

allenby gardens accessible

We love a fabulous accessible playground here at KIDDO because that means everyone can get involved in the fun! And there’s so much fun to be had at Allenby Gardens Reserve with custom designed equipment including a wheelchair accessible play system. With fairytale and pirate ship play areas, there’s something for all ages and abilities, with lots of climbing structures and a nearby oval for older kids to kick a ball if they’ve had enough of the playground.

Address: 21 Lewanick St, Allenby Gardens

Polonia Reserve

Polonia Reserve has re-opened and a portion of the land has been redeveloped into open space for community use. The upgrade includes an open kick about lawn, play space, water play, toilet amenities and shelter.

The newly designed play space includes a unique giant red soccer ball shaped climbing structure that is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours. It is a hark back to the former life of the grounds as home to Croydon FC.

Pack a spare change of clothes and a towel for your water attracted kiddos as the wheat sculpture squirts out water! 

Address: Essex Cres, Croydon Park

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