A Roaring Good Time at SA Museum

Kids and adults can roam with the dinosaurs in a new super sized, high tech exhibition at the South Australian Museum.

Nothing thrills the child within us more than setting off on an adventure to discover the wonders of the South Australian Museum. From Indigenous artefacts, marine life skeletons from the deepest oceans to the eerie mummy in the Egyptian exhibit, it’s a virtual trip around the world.

Now visitors can go back in time (just like in Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures!) with a new touring exhibition from Gondwana Studios: Dinosaur rEvolution.



This exhibition is rich in natural history specimens and has a large number of colourful artworks to illustrate scenes or ‘windows’ into dinosaur life. The exhibition displays the horns, scales, quills, spikes, and claws, which made the armour of these prehistoric creatures.

South Australian Museum and Flinders University researcher Professor Mike Lee has spent his career researching reptile evolution and will help to curate the scientific content in the exhibition.

“This exciting exhibition showcases the latest discoveries on how dinosaurs became birds,” Professor Lee says.

“Children are always fascinated with dinosaurs but many adults will be just as engrossed. The exhibition is not just about bones and fossils, it brings these incredible creatures to life through animatronics, 3D models, life-sized murals and fossil casts that visitors can actually touch.”

Exceptionally well preserved fossils found in China have shown feathers and quills present in dinosaur skin for the first time. Birds are the last branch in the dinosaur family tree, to be living (and flying) with us today. See them with your very own eyes in the heart of the city.

Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton Model, SA Museum Giftshop

Museum shop – Dino Dollars

Enjoy a bit of retail therapy at the South Australian Museum shop. With more than 10,000 items and an abundance of dinosaur goodies you can take a momento home with you. Open 10am-4.45pm daily.
Museum Members receive a 10% discount on purchases.


Night at the Museum Sleepover 

8 – 14 yrs
Saturday 24 February
An unforgettable sleepover experience with your own personalised teepee in the Pacific Cultures Gallery! Explore the Museum at night by torchlight with a private viewing of the Dinosaur rEvolution exhibition and special scientist guide.

Pyjama Party

5 – 12 yrs
Friday 23 February (5pm – 9pm)
Not quite ready to spend the whole night at the Museum? Try the Pyjama Party instead! Enjoy dinner followed by a movie surrounded by ancient artefacts before heading home.




South Australian Museum
North Terrace
Adelaide, SA 5000
(08) 8207 7500

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