6 best parenting podcasts

Best parenting podcasts: We've rounded up our favourite parenting podcasts to save you the time of listening to dozens of half episodes before finding the real goods yourself!

Our top tips for the best parenting podcasts

Before diving into the world of creating a podcast ourselves, the team at KIDDO have been active participants in listening to parenting podcasts, both small scale and big, shmicko media operations, from nearby and local aussie poddies, to overseas offerings.

Whether it be irreverent, comedic insights into every day life as a modern parent, down to earth stories of real Aussie mums, or advice from the experts – podcasts offer so much insight into parenting from so many angles… and you can also listen to them while you’re vacuuming the floor or getting work admin jobs done; multitasking for the win!

We’ve rounded up our favourite parenting podcasts to save you the time of listening to dozens of half episodes before finding the real goods yourself!

It’s hard enough to find the time in the day to do something for yourself, the last thing you need is to wade through mediocre media – so that’s where we come in with our tips for the best parenting podcasts.

Best Parenting Podcasts

VBAC Birth Stories

A podcast featuring Australians sharing their journey of vaginal birth after caesarean. Through sharing and learning from each other’s lived experiences, the VBAC Birth Stories podcast is designed to empower and educate those whose VBAC journey may have just begun, help all expecting mums achieve a more natural birth if that is their intention, and better inform birth professionals about the journey to a VBAC.

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DadPod with Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg

Dad pod

Well doesn’t everything Osher Günsberg touch turn to rose gold? (….geddit?)

DadPod is a weekly podcast documenting the new Dad adventures of Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg. An awesome example of the shift in the way Aussie men are actively participating in parenting, and so refreshing to hear two men talk naturally and unapologetically about parent life. Definitely deserving a place on our list of best parenting podcasts.

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Kiddo Chats

kiddo chats

OK so yes, this is a little bit of shameless self promotion. But we didn’t make Top 3 in the Apple Charts on launch week for having crappy content.

KIDDO Chats is a fresh, family oriented, local Aussie broadcast where we chitchat about all things parenting, kids and everything in between.

It’s the chat you have with your girlfriends, it’s the expert advice you’ve been looking for on google, it’s the attempt to find the answer to the question WHY IS MY KID DOING THAT??? KIDDO Chats is the 30 minutes you try to find in your day to just sit down with a cup of tea and take a breather. Or, let’s be honest, it’s the 30 minutes you spend racing around like a mad woman trying to get stuff done with your earbuds in. It’s ok, we get it!

It makes sense we’d put ourselves in the list of best parenting podcasts, because we believe KIDDO Chats is the kind of quality content parents are looking for, that’s why we do it!


Episode 2: Raising Sensitive Boys
Episode 3: Fussy Eaters
Episode 4: Postpartum Care

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Parental as Anything with Maggie Dent

parental as anything

If it has Maggie Dent’s name on it, it’s pretty much a no brainer, right? Obviously Parental as Anything is going to feature as one of our picks for best parenting podcasts.

One of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators Maggie Dent gives you tips and answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas be it screen time, tantrums, building resilience, homework and more. Parental As Anything is a common sense, relatable, practical guide on raising kids of all ages today.

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Beyond the Bump

Beyond the Bump is a brand new parenting podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce. This podcast is targeted at mums, just like you. A place to have real discussions and ask real questions (no matter how hard) with honest and authentic people. The aim is to have you feeling lighter, more supported and more understood after each listen.

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The Early Parenting Podcast with Jen Butler

The Early Parenting Podcast talks all things parenting in the early years, including baby and toddler sleep and settling, growth and development, toddler behaviour, breast and bottle-feeding, mumma’s health and so much more! In each bite-sized, toddler-friendly episode, Jen Butler shares practical tips and education and advice to help you understand and support your babe so you can LOVE the crap out of being a mumma!

We can sure get on board with that!

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