5 fave wellness apps that will get you feeling fabulous

Swipe away your health slump with 5 of our fave wellness apps that will get you on your way to feeling fabulous!

Swipe away your health slump with 5 of our fave wellness apps that will get you on your way to feeling fabulous!

calm app


Calm is an award-winning mindfulness app that has calming exercises, soothing music and breathing techniques to help you relax. It even includes a Calm Kids section with meditations for kids aged 3 to 17. The Sleep Stories section features a mix of voice talent—even Harry Styles has lent his voice on a 30 minute bedtime story— to help you drift off….dreamy!

FLO app

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

Co-created with over 80 leading health and medical experts, Flo helps you monitor your cycle, fertility or pregnancy accurately. As a one stop solution for all things female health and wellbeing, you can track it all; period start date and length, fertile window, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, birth control, water intake, sleep and step counter!

keep it cleaner app

Keep it Cleaner

Join the inspiring KIC community and get ready to live your happiest healthiest life, without the fuss! Keep it Cleaner is a world class wellness app offering a fitness program, wellness hub, run tracker, daily meal plans, hundreds of recipes, playlists,
interval timer and goal setting. Think of KIC as all of your fave fitness and mindfulness apps together in one inspiring place!

i am daily affirmations app

I Am – Daily Affirmations

How many negative thoughts have been endlessly repeating in your mind? Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns. I Am allows you to choose from many daily intentions and set affirmations to be delivered to your phone throughout the day; simple but powerful statements that will remind you of what you are truly capable of!

couch to 5k app

Couch to 5K

This is one of the best apps for running if you’re starting your training from scratch. Over nine weeks you’ll be eased into running using the interval training method. The goal is for you to be able to complete a full 5K run with no walking breaks needed by week eight. The app also provides plenty of helpful running tips and advice.

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