25 things to do in Spring

From flower crowns and nature potions to wildlife spotting and veggie gardening, discover ways to embrace the outdoors this season with Nature Play SA's 25 things to do in Spring. 

Nature Play SA: 25 things to do in Spring

Spring has finally sprung, and with it brings beautiful sunny days, and cool afternoon breezes, perfect for spending time outdoors with the kids.

From flower crowns and nature potions to wildlife spotting and veggie gardening, discover ways to embrace the outdoors this season with Nature Play SA’s 25 things to do in Spring.

1. Collect a flower to press, then place it between newspaper sheets and a layer of cardboard. Weigh it down with books and leave until your flower dries flat

2. Visit your local Stratco store for butterfly garden plants plus everything you need to establish them in your backyard. They’re trained horticulturalists can help you select plants for caterpillars to eat such as Paper Daisies for the Painted Lady

3. Set up a home nature display with your spring finds

4. Picnic by a wetland: watch waterbirds and listen for frogs, such as Spotted Marsh or Banjo frogs

5. Look for wildflowers near paths and gum trees at your local National Park (see if you can spot Donkey, Spider, or Sun orchids)

6. Create a nature journal: draw or write about seasonal changes to plants and animals

7. Listen for male Koalas grunting from gum trees in the wild (it’s their breeding season)

8. Make a mobile from natural items and hang it outdoors

9. Use a net and magnifying glass to see what you can scoop in a creek or wetland (put back what you find)

10. Walk along the beach to see how many white cuttlebones you can discover (cuttlefish have just finished breeding)

11. Bike ride somewhere new with family or friends

12. Attract wildlife to your garden by adding a birdbath, logs, or rocks (also known as a lizard lounge!)

13. Book a campsite in a National Park or caravan park

14. Build (or buy) a native bee hotel for your garden (native bees don’t make hives)

15. Collect fallen sticks and build a cubby or giant nest

16. Plant tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, or lettuce in a Stratco garden bed, pots, or recycled egg or milk cartons (check out your local Stracto store for gardening supplies)

17. Make a crown from sour sobs, lavender, or paper daisies

18. Celebrate National Threatened Species Day on 7 September by researching a local threatened species (such as Southern Brown Bandicoots or Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos

19. Look for coastal treasures washed up after a storm, like different shaped sponges, squid eggs, and shells

20. Create a potion using petals, pebbles, and other natural ingredients

21. Write a poem or story about how spring makes you feel

22. Adventure to a place you’ve never been such as a Reservoir, Botanic Garden, or forest

23. Visit a wetland, estuary, or lake to watch migratory shorebirds arriving from their 10,000 km journey from Siberia (try the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary – Winaityinaityi Pangkara)

24. Create a living tepee in your yard by digging sticks into the ground. Plant edible climbers at the base, such as peas or beans

25. Go on a regional road trip or spend a few days in the sunshine in a new wild place

* Choose flowers you recognise are safe, such as lavender, rose, and wattle. Wherever your adventures take you – we encourage you to learn about the Traditional Owners of the land and the role plants, animals, and the landscape play in their cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Download Nature Play SA’s free list of nature play ideas for Spring, pin it up and use it for inspiration when you’re looking for something to do with the kids this season:


Images: Meaghan Coles Photography
Jason Tyndall

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