21 costume ideas for book week 2021

Book Week 2021 Costume Ideas: Well, another Book Week is bearing down on us, with the official date for Book Week 2021 mere weeks away, on August 21-August 27. We've got 21 Book Week costume ideas for 2021!

Well, another Book Week is bearing down on us, with the official date for Book Week 2021 mere weeks away (for those who missed this memo, Book Week 2021 is penciled in for August 21 – August 27 this year).

One might think that with a year of planning time up our sleeves we’d be brimming with ideas and that we’d already be knee deep in costume prep… but, alas, for many of us… not so much.

Well, whether you’re a DIY extraordinaire, want to buy a costume off the rack or online, or just need something simple you can fashion with a bit of brown paper and some string on the night before, we’ve got you covered with over 20 ideas for book week costume inspiration.

Book Week 2021 Theme

The Children’s Book Council of Australia has announced the theme for Children’s Book Week 2021 as ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’, which (pleasingly) leaves a lot of room for different book week costume ideas!  We hope you find some good inspo here for this year!

Need ideas for Book Week costumes for Book Week 2021? Here’s 21 costume ideas for 2021!

Book Week 2021 Costume Ideas

Fart – No one likes a fart


Lucy – Lucy Loves Horses


Where’s Wally, Marshmallow Man


Frida Kahlo – Little People Big Dreams


Peter Pan, Peter Rabbit, Sugar Plum Fairy – The Nutcracker


Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland


Paddington Bear, The Rainbow Fish, Emma Wiggle


Astronaut – Touch the Moon


Coco Chanel – Little People Big Dreams


Harry Potter


Miss Kraken


Dinosaur – Dinosaur Dump


David Bowie – Little People Big Dreams


Little Red Riding Hood


Nel – Nel and the Fling


Dinosaur – The Very Unhappy Dinosaur


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, James and the Giant Peach


Max – Where the Wild Things are, Jellyfish – The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade


Happy costuming!


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